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  1. Val, Bildock, and Kathcas made the trip down to the surface to begin a 60 day trial run of the Duna colony before Tagaloa has to depart back to Kerbin: Even flying blind, Val nailed the landing, putting the Meli within a hundred meters of the intended target (just outside of physics range to make things easier on my computer...) A Kraken attack meant that the rover originally intended to ferry the crew around was jammed up in the garage, so Kathcas emptied her pockets of everything she could spare and was able to jetpack over to the colony and free the rover: Once the rover was free, Val was able to remote control it back to the lander while Kathcas finished kitting out the inflatable portions of the colony. Bildock seemed less than impressed with the seating arrangments, but he didn't feel like walking, either: Arriving to find Kathcas has already started up the greenhouse and deployed the drill for fertilizer production. The colony is designed to support a crew of 3 for over 2 years without resupply, enough to last between Kerbin-Duna transfer windows: Kathcas ran back to the lander and grabbed one of the supply bags to jumpstart the greenhouse production, and stopped off to check out a neat looking rock she found on the way: Bildock had mess duty the first night, so Val and Kathcas are eagerly anticipating their first real meal on Duna: Next up is some serious science, starting up the fertilizer plant, and some extended rover trips to other biomes.
  2. I love how you are making them dockable parts. Question: Have you considered making a rack for them, or simply a radially attachable docking node that can be used to secure them in transport? I want to see Jeb unloading a dirt bike on Duna and blasting across the Duna-dunes! KoS
  3. After Jeb and company returned from their scouting mission, it was time to land the first Kerbal Kolony on Duna: Making the braking burn: Somewhat amazingly, this contraption was aerodynamically stable even without RCS: Even the largest parachute Gus could stitch together wasn't enough for the thin air of Duna, so it required both airbags and Septratron retro-rockets for a soft landing: Starting the auto-deploy sequence and entering hibernation until Val can arrive with the first long-term crew. (A Kracken attack means they will have a bit more work than anticipated getting the rover deployed safely.) : KoS
  4. Jeb, Bob and Bill took the Meli down to the surface as a pathfinder mission for the imminent arrival of the expedition's long term surface base: Jeb blew the landing by some 10km, but the relatively flat terrain of the Midland Sea made summoning the scout rover relatively easy. Jeb went out rock hunting while Bill and Bob set up a seismic monitoring station: He found a rock and took samples, then managed to wreck the rover and had to walk a couple km back to the lander since the sample and his equipment made him too heavy to jetpack. Bob and Bill were unsympathetic.... KoS
  5. A couple hours. One major change to the wing construction, a minor one to the wing size and position, then some fine tuning. I spent much longer trying to get a NERV/Whiplash version to work, never succeeded. I think we've hijacked the thread enough, though.
  6. https://kerbalx.com/Mobryan71/Roc Here you go. It's not the easiest thing to fly, but I manage to make orbit reliably and I'm a mediocre pilot at best. For WOLF use it doesn't need the JATO boosters to get off the runway easily, even with the full 25 ton load (5x groups of 5 1.25m containers) . My personal plane stuffs the wingtip cargo pods with life support and other USI goodies, but I had to strip them out due to export restrictions KoS
  7. Oh, it does, but the 100t and 111t planes use the exact same amount of space in the cargo bay, except that the heavier plane uses 16 1.25m containers vs. the 2 2.5 m containers, and carries another 10 tons to orbit for the same space. In retrospect I probably should have left out the Super Heavy version because it just muddies the waters, but I did like how neatly all 25 of those smaller containers fit inside that cargo bay KoS
  8. I discovered something about the new WOLF containers while building up a heavy lift SSTO. Check out the mass and part numbers in the engineering report: Notice the dramatic difference in capacity by swapping down to the smaller containers. Even when stacked to the same volume and dimensions, the larger containers are only about 40% as efficient as the smaller ones: That is rather odd, since it's usually more efficient to ship a single large container rather than a whole slew of smaller ones. Similarly with the crew containers, an equivalent volume of 1.25m Crew containers has either 8 Luxury berths or 16 Economy class seats, compared to 3 and 6 for the 2.5m version. In that case, though, the increased capacity is balanced by a dramatic increase in mass. The 2.5m Crew container is 4.5 tons, and the cluster of 1.25m parts 24 tons. I think the Crew containers are pretty well balanced due to the mass differential, but the dramatic difference between the Cargo containers (which isn't just limited to the 1.25 and 2.5m versions), is certainly a bit unusual. Is there a deeper reason for the capacity progression I'm not seeing? When used for MKS, the containers are balanced in a pretty intuitive manner. One 1.25m container holds 2000 units of metals, the 2.5m container is 8 times the size and holds 16,000 units, ect. Anyhow, not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but it caught my attention. KoS
  9. Just throwing this out there as a suggestion: How about a slightly more heavy duty rover based on either the Uni-Mog or an old Forward Control Jeep? Each is basically a box on a frame, and you could probably re-use portions of the existing trailer to make a cargo bed. I love these oddball rover builds KoS
  10. All the parts must be within the 2000m umbrella, and they must have local-warehouse compatible storage for all of the resources needed mounted directly to the convertor and the drill producing them. So you could have a drill rig with gypsum storage at the far edge of the range, then a fertilizer plant with both gypsum and fertilizer storage a bit closer, and then a NOM greenhouse in the main base with fertilizer storage. The automated logistic system would then start with the final consumer, the greenhouse, and pull fertilizer into it as needed from the fertilizer plant, which would then call for gypsum from the drill rig. It's a pull based, not push-based system. KoS
  11. Nothing. Once you start up a convertor that needs materials from those outlying containers, it should put out a pull order that draws raw materials into the storage on the converter and then the converter can do its thing. It's an automatic system. KoS
  12. Away Team Bravo made the first landing on Duna today: Hellas found that the Pulelehua is a wonder to fly, despite its awkward appearance. Point Radial Out for maximum belly-flop braking down to ~15km, then it settles into a statically stable 10 degree AoA for the rest of the flight. They almost overshot the landing, but Mirler frantically reprogrammed the parachutes so they popped a bit early: KSC, the Butterfly has landed!!! 3 km away from the scout rover, not bad at all for a first attempt. Mirler started the summoning sequence as everyone else settled in for the first overnight camping trip in Duna's history: Fed and rested the next morning, the crew had a busy day deploying science sites, collecting samples, and taking the rover out for a drive (Mildock declared the rover "Somewhat sketchy, but superior to walking") : Time to go home: Away Team Bravo: Well Done, and welcome back to the Tagaloa! KoS
  13. Tested out my Ike Miner and the ISRU on the colony ship: RCS went crazy trying to stabilize the ship after docking: We didn't actually need the liquid fuel, but this serves as a proof of concept, and the extra oxidizer will allow for 1-2 more trips to the surface of Duna. Making the escape burn under nuclear power: And capturing into a 10 degree orbit at Duna: Deploying the two relay sats to support the landings: KoS
  14. Firstly, the Flex-o-Tubes are obsolescent parts that are only being retained to prevent established bases from being unusable. They are terribly glitchy and good Kraken bait, it's best to not use them at all. Secondly, yes, things have changed. The smaller volume and stacking comes from using the Kerbal Inventory System mod, which used to be the only way to do EVA repair and building. It's been replaced with the stock 1.11 "Some Assembly Required" system, which is incompatible with KIS due to system limitations. Any parts that can be used in KIS cannot be stored in the stock system, and vice versa. Each system is also balanced entirely differently with regards to volume and mass constraints as well as stacking options. It's possible to de-convert the new USI mods back to KIS compatibility, but it's not for the faint of heart, and frankly a bad idea. KoS
  15. Here is a representative version of how I do much of my Tundra series building: https://imgur.com/pQ4Ly0S I tend to use Nom-o-Matics of various sizes on all my individual buildings since they are single-part solutions that hold mulch, supplies, fertilizer and usually provide enough life support for each craft without needing too much support from other parts of the base (other than a supply of Fertilizer). The Tundra mini-airlock can be swapped out with a Ranger unit for a bit of visual variety, but they are identical in function, mass and cost. I prefer to have additional fuel and depleted fuel tanks on the reactors because I sometimes find it necessary to physically move Uranium fuel around rather than relying upon the automatic functions. With regards to #2, you need some form of crewed Logistics module in the area to enable resource transfer. Try adding a Tundra Pioneer and Logistics module to your powerplant, then make sure both the rover and power plant are crewed. Should work then if you keep in mind that power, like other resources, is transferred in discrete blocks every few seconds (20 seconds??? I don't remember precisely.) KoS
  16. You've got the old MKS release. THIS is the current final release and is fairly bug-free THIS is the one I recommend, has a few bees but also has lots of fresh shiny things to play with. KoS
  17. I made a Duna-capable spaceplane for a challenge: 6 crew, twin service bays and braking chutes, a short cargo bay capable of deploying a small rover, or trade that for an extra fuel tank that allows for a round trip from LKO. https://kerbalx.com/Mobryan71/Annuki
  18. Felt Inspired, so I made a thing: The Krew seemed to like the view: Deorbit burn with the imitation Draco thrusters: Dropping the trunk (should have put some collision lights on it or something... ) : On Target for a splashdown east of the KSC: Over too soon, so sad, but a safe landing: KoS
  19. Those seem to be much more reasonable volumes. I can certainly see having a bit of overage for filler/packing/ext, but not 10 times overage. KoS
  20. Sent a tiny lander to the Mun to investigate an anomaly detected from orbit: Found it!!! : Unfortunately it's at the edge of a major crater and between a number of smaller but still substantial craters. Landing at the site is not an option, so other options will need to be explored. In the mean time, the lander was diverted to a safe zone about 10km away: Doing some basic geological research in the main crater: KoS
  21. Training myself to be better with SCAN sat maps, so I sent a surveillance mission to the Mun: The main orbiter has full life support, multiple types of scanning equipment, and some surprises: Two deployable 4U cubesats, one with a resource scanner, the other is a comm relay that will be put in a resonant orbit with the main vessel so it's always got a Kerb-net link. The relay sat has a xenon engine, and the resource scanner is conventionally powered: It was also an excuse to try my new cfg's that add fuel switching to some parts from Nuke Refueled. So far, working great, and the scans have revealed an anomaly that will require further investigation... KoS
  22. The pre-release version of Konstruction also includes some parts that increase the weight limit for stock EVA construction. This is a replacement (in addition too??) the KIS weight bonus that has been baked into the Konstruction parts for a while. KoS
  23. I'm currently observing them to see if they are more or less kraken proof than the KAS and USI mod versions. If they hold up I've got a few plans for ISRU craft that could take advantage of them. They also work quite well for either building a rover from scratch or anchoring one for a repair mission. KoS
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