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  1. I might be interested in joining. To add to the "Space Race" feel, would it be alright if I modded my game slightly so that I'm launching from another country?
  2. I'm starting a new save using @GregroxMun's Whirligig World mod. I really want to use Kerbalism with it; it has a lot of deep, interesting features that I really look forward to using. I've made my own radiation profiles for some of the planets and moons, which was relatively easy and worked well. However, Kerbalism doesn't seem to recognize the main star, Kaywell, as producing any light. I hate to ask people to work on something which will probably only benefit me, but I've poked around various config files, changing settings and variables, and haven't been able to get the solar panels working. Could someone take a look at Whirligig World's files and see if there's something I could do to get the sun producing solar power?
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