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  1. Thank you! I already send a message to Gameslinx about the code name of the home world because it didn't work initially with the stock config, with the planet name being Kerbin ^^
  2. I know about the scoop but wasn't too sure if there is a second way or nah, more like producing it somehow ^^
  3. I was wondering if there is a way for produce deuterium in some way, I know you can get Liquid Helium 3 from the surface of certain mooons, but I am not too sure about a way to produce deuterium ^^
  4. Sorry for my extremely slow reply, but it seems that the parts I am using are supported by the config (I think that's what it says) Edit: as it turns out after repainting one of the usi kontainers, it works fine now, so it was the part that was being funky ^^ I got you xd Sometimes it simply are the simplest explanations ^^
  5. I will look into this when I am home, where can I find it ?
  6. This is what I changed it to (using antimatter as the example): I used the normal cfg what comes with Space Dust, so I am not 100% sure how exactly it is supposed to be done ^^" // Rhode // ============= SPACEDUST_RESOURCE { resourceName = Antimatter body = Rhode RESOURCEBAND { name = kerbRing title = #LOC_SpaceDust_Band_LowBelt // Discoverability Data // -------------- alwaysDiscovered = true alwaysIdentified = false // Maximum and minimum abundances (variation is by game seed) // In t/m^3 minAbundance = 4.1E-29 maxAbundance = 1
  7. It would be kinda dumb if I hadn't xd Those huge parts with the solar panels attached, they are matkits storage ^^ And also have local logistics enabled
  8. Not sure if this is the right threat or not but I have some weirdness with the disassembling of parts on my scrapping/assembling station, it doesn't seem to store the material kits from it I might be missing something ^^" or it is just some weirdness
  9. I see! I was trying to do so but I am probably too stupid ^^""" Since I have basically no experience with it and what I tried didn't seem to work (I used it on all discovered to check if it works ^^)
  10. Thank you very much for explaining it to me! ^^ It helps a lot, because my base has around 40 or so 2 star engineers on it xdd I know what I am needing to do now, redo my entire crew compliment for my base
  11. I got you! Yeah, I read about the different crews on git hub ^^ But if my crew is hanging out in the hab module for example, can they still work with full efficency on the industrial refinery or the assembler or do you need crew specifically in those parts of the craft ? ^^
  12. Oh I see! So I don't need someone a kerbal in every part but just a good amount in general in the craft itself ?
  13. I am not too sure, since I didn't find too much information about it, I am mainly concerned about the tundra class parts, the industrial refinery and the assembly plant My reasoning behind it is that I had the tundra nuclear refinery without any crew and it worked perfectly fine, at the same amount of efficiency as the as my fully crewed stuff. Rn I have around 40 engineers (and ofc a couple scientists and a pilot) on my base to fully crew everything, but that might be a liiiitttle excessive, I think xd
  14. I have another kinda dumb question for y'all, which USI/MKS parts need to be crewed to operate ?
  15. I have a stupidish question, when the tundra module is performing maintenance, it is taking the main reactor offline by putting all the enriched uranium into the the centrifuge again, is there a way to fix/adjust that ? (using Near Future Technologies and Far Future Technoligy parts) Also another question I am little too dense for/to understand, do crew levels effect the efficeny/load of for example the industrial refinery or is effected by a different factor ? And if it is, does the amount of kerbals/max level effect it ?
  16. Heyo! I have a question, I am using the newest release of the Constelation of USI and stuff and my question being that I don't seem to be able to find a certain part(s) I am looking for. ^ it being these landing legs on the left side (saw them on the on the wiki and thought they would be great!) Kind regards Yuu Edit: God, I feel stupid, I found it
  17. I see! (for the hab timers) I have a another (maybe) kinda dumb question, if I want to update for the prerelease version of MKS, what do I need to do ?
  18. WOLF seems like a completely different beast! I am looking forward to experimenting with it! Just seems to be a wall of stuff to learn and understand but I know it will be fun! It just kinda sounded like it would have impact on the performance when you have literally everything in the background but I see now! It is my first time going indepth in the mod, so it is a lot of stuff to learn and figure out but I am enjoying the challenge! That brings me to one general question/concern I have/had with the life support/hab time, how does it work when for example I hav
  19. I see I see ^^ Atm my plan for the base is to have it be self sufficient and produce enrichment uranium to sell it to the highest bidder So I am not 100% sure how it works and stuffs, I can use both systems at the same time, I persume ? It actually improves performance ? That's fancy!
  20. I see! I mean it is okay how it is but it would be great for having it run in the background ^^ The question is how does one set up the WOLF stuff ? Because for example the "greenhouses" (forgot how to spell the correct thing) also aren't running in the background to supply food to the kerbals. Is it adviceable to use WOLF or does it have too much of an performance impact ?
  21. I got miners on the same body, all pushing into the planetary warehouse which is working flawlessly but I need to switch to it for the resources to pop up in the stockpile. Basically, it isn't automatically pushing into the planetary warehouse while unloaded, the miners themselves are solar powered with lots of batteries, with the Duna logistics center in the middle and are probes (and also classified as such) Not sure if that gives you the details needed ^^"
  22. I have been referencing the wiki a lot ^^ It is just confusing and the huge guide is nice to have but just really overwhelming for my monke brain xd Atm I have my first more or less fancy base using MKS on Armstrong (playing on beyond home), and it is great fun learning figuring stuff out, I also have set up all the resources into the planetary warehouse from all over the body, so happy that it worked! xd As I had kinda mentioned before, I am not 100% sure how one can passively gain resources from unloaded vehicles, or is there a solution with WOLF ? (Or is the only way to switc
  23. Thank you very much! I will go with the new solution then! I persume it isn't on the ckan version yet ? I wouldn't 100% know how I would update the mod either, or what would be needed to be installed for it And for WOLF, I have it installed but no clue on how to use it (like most of the MKS/USI suite of mods) (I am not at my pc atm, so can't really do/check too much, but does it work fine on an existing save ?)
  24. I see! I am still not 100% sure which solution to go for >< It would be either going with the "vanilla" aka build in/new shipyards in testing (if I would know where to acquire the version) or from what it seems like, extra planetary launchpads
  25. Got it! Thank you very much! For the 2nd question, is there something that is recommended due to ease of use ? (I have no experience with either mods) I shall be looking into it!
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