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  1. Hi Nertea, have you considered making any engines for either this mod or ReStock+ to fill these nodes on the community tech tree? Would be neat to have something providing thrust on the level of the Rocketdyne F-1 or NPO Energomash RD-170 without clustering smaller engines.
  2. Yes, I just realised it has them, but also RealPlumes, which make the Waterfall plumes almost impossible to see.
  3. Hey Nertea, I have a question. Are you intending in the future to change your Near Future Launch Vehicles liquid-fuel engines to have Waterfall plumes, or do you intend them to remain a RealPlume part? Edit: I actually just noticed they do have a Waterfall plume, but also a RealPlume plume (which makes the former almost impossible to see). Hmmm. How do I disable the RealPlume on them?
  4. Hi! Do you think it would be possible for TweakScale to support resizing Waterfall-based engine plumes when resizing the engines they are attached to?
  5. If I use TweakScale to resize an engine that uses Waterfall (eg. engines from ReStock), will the Waterfall plume for that engine be resized correctly?
  6. Is there any idea yet of what kind of performance improvements this new approach to engine plumes would bring? Are we talking 5% better? 10%? 50%?
  7. Does this fix the bug where Landing AP would not engage until after a save and reload, or until Mechjeb settings were reset to default?
  8. I still haven't quite figured out how to use these to get more deltaV than with normal liquid-fuel engines, but they look very cool at least. Good work!
  9. This mod breaks the lighting of skyboxes for me (I tried removing one-by-one a bunch of mods to see what was causing it, and it was this one). Here's an example of a skybox broken by this mod: and here's what it should look like:
  10. The poll here makes me wish that it was done by approval voting - I would vote for both Simple and Some Realism (my current vote) in that case. Seconding the request for this to also allow you to push ships around directly with lasers. How about using a heat-shield like item (with the Ablator resource) as a source of thrust via laser ablation?
  11. This is a much needed overhaul of how KSP handles heat. Looking forward to how it progresses!
  12. Hi Nertea, just wanted to pop in to say thanks so much for all the modding work you do for KSP - I use a bunch of your mods, and they greatly enhance my experience with the game.
  13. We should allow pandas to go extinct, as they are an evolutionary practical joke that is extremely bad at almost everything related to survival. Our current efforts at conservation are a waste of time that could be better spent helping other species that have half a chance of survival. If we really wanted pandas to survive, we should go all-in and genetically engineer them to be better at survival, starting with giving them the ability to eat something a little more nutritious than bamboo.
  14. Definitely twenty-twenty. But also that year from Hell.
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