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  1. Yes this is your problem ... Put the MMSEV and Benjee10-Shared-Assets folder in your gamedata folder
  2. What is the conical probeheatshield uses for..I t doesn t fit with the Venus lander ?
  3. Youre not missing any part , the Centaur II and V tanks were made before the current Centaur interstage , and they are yet to be updated accordingly
  4. Please please consider using IR as an alternative to BG ... some mods have been released recently that require BR and it is extremely frustrating for people like me who don t own BG and have no intention of purchasing it
  5. Will it be IRL accurate folding , or like the present one , with RCS ? Or perhaps something different ?
  6. Hey , I sended you messages on another thread regarding your old Recolours but you never replying ..... this is related I suppose Pioner10 will use the aforementioned foil ? Could you please tell me some more info about your old planned foil recolours ?
  7. Beale I love your and mods ....... I appreciate you and I loving Tantares ,,,,
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