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  1. The version of Benjee10 Shared Assets bundled with this mod is outdated , you need to get it from Habtech2 or SOCK
  2. I just asking for the discord link working , it was expired , you can tried it yourselve , I want to join he server ,
  3. Redirect is getting remade at somepoint in the meantime you can use Restock RS25 and maybe BDB AJ10 will fit...clip them through the OMS pods perhaps
  4. Look please stop talking about this ..... my question was simply aimed at the developers , there is no reason why it had to turn into this moot discussion about APAS ports againn .....
  5. The APAS ports in BDB were taken from CxAerospace , I asking this because Benjee10 recently updated Habtech with new APAS ports which look even better
  6. I suppose now the old CxAerospace APAS ports can be decommissoned and replaces with the new Habtech APAS ?
  7. Where were the Centrifuge Accommodation Module , and the Habitation Module ? I can remember you worked on these very long ago ?
  8. Ironcretin is not longer active in modding ...... this mod was also now obsolete as there were newer parts to recreate this in the mod it was taken from
  9. Very minor thing regarding the Gemini lander docking port , but the indexing key of the new Gemini port clips slightly into the V shaped guide ... I don t think this has any effect on its ability to dock
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