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  1. Simply reposition the decal further up on the side of the spacecraft. It winds up being a not accurate placement historically, but it eliminates the annoying nearly transparent rod that sticks out from the roll thruster. Also, on the side of the spacecraft to the right of the window I had to eliminate the U.S. flag that would have normally been positioned directly below the "United States". It proved to be the culprit. I still have the flag on the side to the left of the window, but I had to move it and the United States further up the side than was historically accurate. It was a small price to pay. Even with this adjustment, Conformal Decals look great on this mod.
  2. My kitbash of LC-37. I like it, but I wish we had a proper truss style gantry to use. I also added some buildings in the background to add the Air Force station and industrial area. There are additional pads to the south to recreate LC-3, 18, 26, and 11.
  3. To be honest, until I read this post I never considered the concept of a recoverable Aardvark. It is strange that the ETS creators didn’t include one. I like it and will have to incorporate one into my Integrated Flight Plan I am developing for an upcoming planned historical playthrough. Its a great use for all those Apollo boilerplates I have laying around at Langley, White Sands, and the Cape!
  4. Thank you @Zorgfor doing this. The current airlock design (a fine piece of work by itself) didn’t quite match the majority of the Wet lab conceptual drawings. This one is much closer! (And probably lighter too!)
  5. @Beccab, without any doubt whatsoever, you are the official KSP "King of Kitbashing". My own mojo pales in comparison. Extremely well done!
  6. I have been flight testing a J-class LM with a deployable LRV. After deploying the LRV, I ran into the old problem of surface drift. The LRV just slides all over the surface of the Moon unmanned like it is on ice. I know there is a fix for this because I ran into it before, but I can’t remember what it is. I don’t have this problem with other versions of the LRV or MOLEM, just this new foldable one.
  7. I found an interesting article that I think would make a great addition to BDB for some alt-history scenarios: https://www.thespacereview.com/article/4390/1 I am not sure if @CobaltWolfand the dev team are up for more Apollo modding, but it would be pretty cool. "Barnstorming the Moon" has a great ring to it!
  8. Yours look great, but I will stick with mine. Thank you for the offer. If you will forgive the cheeky paraphrase, “This looks like a job for @Invaderchaos!”
  9. Has anyone flight tested the new LM Truck thruster quads? They are lacking plumes, but I know they are working because my monoprop tank levels are getting lower... @CobaltWolf
  10. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I just loaded the most recent dev branch file yesterday and upon boot up I was getting this message in the VAB on most, but not all, of my already existing builds. No other mods have been loaded since I downloaded the last dev branch update. And my current mod list. Thanks! I appreciate the help.
  11. Hey, thanks for the tip. I honestly didn't know that despite running KSP for over two years. Once I changed it to SAS only it drives like a dream. You still have to be careful in the turns, but that is true with any rover. Last question... the last problem I am having is that I can not get an astro to make an EVA. It says all exits are blocked. It must be because it is too close to the ground because it works when the Shelter is used with the descent stage. The obvious solution is to raise it by using a thicker base and I have tried that but it is raising the center of gravity and throwing the aesthetics off. Is there any other way to correct this? @Forked Camphor, @CobaltWolf
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried them out. The Rover Autopilot at least kept it upright and moving forward with no wheelies. However, it seems as if the speed control doesn't work. Even at its lowest setting the vehicle still accelerates to its highest speed. I will have to look into editing down the power of the wheels. Heading control works, but I haven't figured out how to use it yet. Weird thing... as soon as I clicked on Stability Control in the Rover Autopilot, the vehicle flipped upside down and started to do some wild gyrations. Puzzled, it suddenly dawned on me that the LM Ascent Stage model has a thrust/stability/movement vector built into it that goes vertical, i.e. through the overhead hatch. With a rocket engine normally mounted underneath the stage this would be the correct way to model this vector. However, I am asking my vehicle to accelerate 90 deg off of this axis (through the front hatch), thus it wants to flip when I tap the WASD controls. Enabling any sort of stability controls will cause it to do the same thing. I might be wrong here, but unfortunately, the only way I can see to correct this is for @CobaltWolfto create a variant of the LM Shelter ascent stage that has the thrust vector rotated 90 degrees to face forward. This part would become specialized only for the MOLEM. I am not sure if he would want to do that. By the way, for those of you who may not know, MOLEM was an actual NASA concept. It looks weird, but it was a pretty good compromise that would have gotten a pressurized rover with a minimum of new R&D and money. If anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate it! Thanks.
  13. So I have also been playing around with some MOLEM concepts. I am pretty satisfied with it, but it would be great if @CobaltWolfwould create a B9 switch to eliminate the RCS thrusters. They are obviously not needed since you have them on the LM Truck. I have one major head-scratching problem though... it is undriveable! Any application of power will result in massive wheelies or nosedives. Any turn to the left or right, even when standing still, will result in a flipover. It seems as if the steering and drive torque is waaay over done. These are the Squad Expansion RoveMax M1-F wheels, scaled up to 140%. I like them because they closely resemble the real LRV wheels. The weird thing is that I use these same wheels on my smaller LRV-style rover and I have only minor issues that can be overcome with careful driving. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? This is too cool a concept to pass up. Thanks
  14. I may be getting ahead of the Dev Team here, but with the new LM parts I kitbashed this ATM... You have to rotate the solar panels inward for them to fit in the SLA.
  15. There was a proposal for a SLA based lunar orbit lab. The "leftover" crew would spend 14-30 days orbiting the moon doing science while the rest were down on the surface. In BDB terms, it would be similar to the upper portion of the VFB lab. I saw a document with pictures on this SLA lab some time ago, but I can't find it now.
  16. @Stone Blue, @OrbitalManeuvers, thanks for the reply. The Landvermesser/ Surveyor is one of my favorite spacecraft and I thought it would be cool to snap pics from the moon. Hopefully @akron will take up the task, but if not no biggie. This is a fantastic mod even without NC compatibility.
  17. Here it is. This is the entire file. The patch is at the very end. It is probably something simple.
  18. Has anyone successfully inserted the Neptune Camera patch in the Landvermesser/Surveyor camera cfg file? I put it in, and the function menu shows up when you right click the camera, but it won’t take a picture and save it. Any suggestions?
  19. I continued to tinker with the idea of adding a launch site at White Sands, NM. I studied the launchsites.cfg file and realized that it wouldn't be that hard. I cloned the Wallops portion, changed the latitude & longitude, and edited the description. I copied and pasted my patch into the launchsites.cfg file right at the end just under the Wallops portion. It worked perfectly! I now have a launch site in New Mexico to launch the early sounding rockets and the Little Joe 2 from. I haven't yet figured out how to match the grass color with the yellowish sand color of New Mexico, but I will continue to tinker with that too. The patch is in the spolier: I learned one important lesson: make a backup copy of the launchsites.cfg file BEFORE you start to tinker with it. If you screw it up you can reload the original and reset everything. I have one other question: Given the rather primitive state of White Sands in the late 1940's and into the 50's, the fully developed KSC seems a little out of place. Is there a way of converting just this launch site to the Level 1 facilities while leaving the others at Level 3? I play in Sandbox mode. Thanks!
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