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  1. Well, now I have another question: how to irrevocably delete a lot of crafts that are added to the stock folder at once? when I just delete the config files and run the game they come back ...
  2. is it possible to download crafts for these mods for version 1.9.1 at the moment?
  3. is this mod still alive? I wanted to make something like "Extrasolar" on 1.9.1 from it... okay ...
  4. @Beale I made ru localization for TantaresSP... how to throw it off ... like a file ...
  5. will it work with planet packs? or will separate complex individual codes be needed?
  6. Hello! if you have small mods I can localize them... just tell me... in principle, if it has not been done yet, I can also localize USI / MKS, but it will take... a couple of months with my pace of work... so... just tell me!

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