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  1. Beale, it looks very, very cool, but .... will you add those antenna and boom stands for it?
  2. https://apesinspace.co/blogs/space-history/24-september-1970-luna-16-returns-first-automatic-lunar-soil-sample https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luna_16 I love this one...
  3. sure! All I need are files. I can immediately start making localization configs. I've done enough of this stuff already, so it's okay. I don't think the names and descriptions of parts will change very often. when there are few details and they sometimes appear, it is easier and faster to translate, because a lot of information does not appear immediately
  4. Nertea! Hello! I love your mods and want to participate in one of them. I am an excellent translator (in my works there are such mods as: Beyond home, Minor planet expansion, Dres moons). Can I translate your new mod? it will be much easier in the early stages of coding. Thanks!
  5. did someone say the anthem of russia? * satisfied sounds of a Russian *
  6. Well, now I have another question: how to irrevocably delete a lot of crafts that are added to the stock folder at once? when I just delete the config files and run the game they come back ...
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