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  1. Sorry I forgot to mention it's modded. And yes that is one of my mods. I just have no clue where to get the part back now?
  2. I right clicked on the part (a radiator panel) and there was a drop box with two options and one of the options was to "hide part", now I have no clue how to get to the hidden part. Well it went something like that
  3. Hi there, this is probably a simple thing. I accidentally removed a part from my parts list in the VAB? How do I get it back? Any help would be great.
  4. Yeah I'm not sure why it happened though.. Then i accidentally deleted my main save shortly afterwards But to get around this, if it's happens again, I'm just going to export the ship to another save, finish it and bring it back. Thanks for all the help again I'll update if it comes back or hopefully doesn't!
  5. @Duke-49th Thanks for the heads up, and then how would i know if a mod is compatible with my ksp version if im not going by what ckan says?
  6. @linuxgurugamer I've removed DBS and it still does it. But i noticed on a new game with the same vessel loaded it's fine. Just my main save "I don't mind errors... As long as they don't bother me"-myself
  7. No that was now after i removed dangit. Here's the old log which Steve_v has reshared Here of when i had the problem
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8ifvfrbvlt6io4/KSP.7z?dl=0 There's a link to the new log
  9. Hi guys, okay i removed dang it! and also Lithobrake Exploration, it seems to be fixed.. I do apologise for the dodgy site but it was all i could find which didn't need me to sign up. Sorry for the late response. Internet has been down!
  10. [Snip] Here's the log. List of mods is contained in the log
  11. @Cattette Thank you, and how do i post files onto this forum?
  12. @Entropian @Kane Kerman Guys how do i post a log? Also, how should i present a mods list? Sorry I'm still new to forums, and it doesn't seem to be very user friendly. Here's a clip i quickly recorded last night. This has happened twice, and i noticed it was on the same vessel. It's a mess up because it's like right at the end of building, and it's something important like lights! Thanks guys!
  13. Hi guys, Yes... I'm running, in my opinion, a lot of mods- but what would cause this? I don't know much about coding or logs. I've got like a duke Nukem (3d!) kinda understanding of making games work. I am using ckan, all seems good. I've been dabbling for like 2 weeks, adding mods, removing. Trying to get best total experience.. I think I've got this under control. BUT..... When building, ..a part(lights and landing legs in my experience) when toggling symmetry, STARTS COPYING ITSELF ALL OVER , like a solitaire effect! Duplicating itself, as i move the mouse it just draws millions of parts along, not attached to anything.. Only way back is to exit and re-load.. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. @linuxgurugamer hi there.. I seem to be having an issue or two, could you perhaps help? FMRS seems to mess up when jumping back to the main mission. It ends up saving the main mission ship when it's falling while I'm landing boosters. Also I lose throttle control of the landing rocket under like 1600m? It just goes dead, I apparently still have full control, rcs ,sas and 100% signal. Just the engines die. If i turn damage off, as it bounces off the ground it works again. Could that be FMRS? Or do you have any idea what that is? Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks!
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