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  1. I think an addition that would be cool is some sort of "Battery Pack" wearable, so you can wear that with the exoskeleton and it will increase maximum construction weight even more.
  2. I'm hyped for this mod but be sure to take your time man. Your life takes precedent over funny frog game.
  3. Was the Flexible Tube removed? I can't find it with the latest version or any mention of it being removed.
  4. Howdy! I'm super excited to see this, since Some Assembly Required came out I've been looking forward to making (however limited they may be) ships or stations in orbit, but I was semi-surprised to see there was no way of crafting new parts mid-mission, can't wait to see how this turns out! I'm wondering how you're going to tackle bigger parts though, will you just be sticking with what can fit into inventories?
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