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  1. I got it! I had to work out EVE and its configs
  2. i downloaded AVP and opm with its dependencies,..yet i dont see the outer planets, nor the clouds for AVP. Did i do something wrong?
  3. Can someone make a a-10? I tried but..that didnt go well.
  4. Yea that makes sense...ive always wanted to see sm marine and other interesting things he made, looks like theres no chance i will see it....oh well
  5. ive heard that after spanner deleted all sm mods (except indistries) that a goo sum of people still have the mod sm marine. If so, can i get a copy? Never really experienced the mod as i never heard of it until now..
  6. I Got the weapon mod NAS (naval artillery systems) to work on 1.9!
  7. hi! Im new to the forums! I am wondering if besides bdarmory itself are there any other weapon mods i can try (like sm armory, but its gone, yet people still have it????) So i can add more destruction to ksp
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