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  1. As there is not going to be a FTL/Warp drive(which is fine with me) then how could Interstellar travel work?
  2. I suppose he mean's like travel between them and map view
  3. @Nate Simpson are the customization options just for the spacesuits and vehicles? or can we customize our bases to
  4. Makes you wonder about what they got planned
  5. Hmmm could we try to unblur it? or something
  6. or you could go the studio update video pause at 0:36 and do that to the screen that says kerbal space program 2 and has some kerbonauts screaming and you can make out a flag there
  7. it's not that `i just want to know and i want someone to do that cause i don't own ksp on my computer
  8. Can anyone try and figure out what that screen is of i believe it's a loading screen or something i started this cause i didn't see anyone cover this before/
  9. ok here go to this and that's the one https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/406476347/ soz i just had to do it this why
  10. [Broken unusable image link removed by moderator]
  11. Can anyone zoom in and figure what this is about [Broken unusable image link removed by moderator]
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