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  1. So I have a file for the old Landing gear model but I need help with It cause It won't roll or Retract. I'm also planning to also give it a new stock alike texture
  2. I think a great addition to this would be cockpits such as a B-2, Tu-22, TU-160, B-21, B-1, U-2 Spyplane, Mig-25, A400m, E-2
  3. Hi so I saw your landing gear you were working on a long time ago, the files are gone but could you give me some files cause I'm working on a wheel mod.

    1. stephm


      hi!  ah yes a few year, unfortunately, i have no file today for my mod , i 've lost everything of this period, because i mad a suicid attemp after the release of the gear mod a few month later, i spent two year in a psychiatric hospital....

      and starting a new life after that !!

      i come back here recently, just playing ksp and testing mod , i work on iva by adding some props based on the mod DE_iva extensions it's only for my purpose

      but i have some problem with the last part tool for ksp 1.10.1, for no i can't do nothing with partools ,dds problem ,and export problem and save internal file

      work but i have an error with number format string, i have related my problem in the forum and later in the bug tracker, for now no solution i'm blocked!!

      perhaps in the forum, there are peoples of this period have my mod .

      and i forget everything about gear part stuff, and now is a 1.10.1 version , i imagine it's totally different now !

      But the good options is to import in blender one of the new ksp gear and looking how it's work and how it's build , tag object Hierarchy etc.



      voilà, sorry for my bad english i'm french ;)

  4. How about some bomber parts. Maybe a chinook cockpit?
  5. i wished the Spaceplane parts were modular like the X-20 mod.
  6. That's fine I just hope somebody can give me a zip for the mod.
  7. Do you have the mod in your folders though? maybe you can repost it?
  8. Well why did you not say it in the first place? The mod is available for sharing.
  9. I used to have it but I wiped it off my pc's hard drive.
  10. We seriously need more modular spaceplane systems like this.
  11. So I've seen some mods with Spaceplanes such as the X-15, DreamChaser, IXV, GOGI, ISRO,Hermes, and X-24. But these are not modular like most ksp parts which kinda is not right since this game is a building game and most parts are modular so I decided to draw a concept for a modular spaceplane parts mod which fits in with the stock cross sections. The mod would also need custom landing gear as the stock ones don't really fit in as much.
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