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  1. If it works, but I don't know if it waterfalls with this mod, the SRBs are going to have to be replaced with the Photon corp ones, the RS25 can be replaced with the restock + cryo engines, BUT, the J2X cannot be replaced with any another mod you know and don't support stock inventory
  2. you need another LK for russia proposal to go to the moon the following video explains (min 1:15 to 5:23)
  3. no, i don't know how do a drag cube, only the inventori for use stock inventory download the second file
  4. It is not official but I made a patch if you want to use it in version 1.11.1
  5. It doesn't have, but you can easily find 3d models or its construction guide in the BDB wiki with step by step how it was built, the only difficult thing will be to fit the pieces with the canadarm, but in the edtor and with a KAL 100 controller you can do the same by placing the values little by little
  6. I test in kerbin. It has some problems such as that when I apply the brakes it starts to vibrate and that the wheels do not mark up or down (it took me 3 attempts to get them right) and the cameras do not have nodes. the rest is excellent and looks very good
  7. this patch creates it for 1.11 and later, so remove kis. If you want to use it in previous versions, download it from your preferred platform and do not install the patch. I did it with good intention only kis seems obsolete if there is a stock inventory
  8. I don't know I did it because I don't like kis in the latest versions and I think there are people who might not like it either that's why I published it If you don't like it, I understand, not everyone likes the stock inventory, but I do like the system and that's why I made this patch
  9. a stock inventory parch https://github.com/pi-maaster1337/HabTech2-parch/issueshttps://github.com/pi-maaster1337/HabTech2-parch/issues
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