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  1. Do you have landing legs on your ship? Are they well touching the ground?
  2. I believe you did not use a OP-E Large Scanning Arm Only this version of arm can fullfill the scanning contract
  3. There is a contract asking me to get ore from Destiny/Fate I thought these are stars and no way to land?
  4. Does rescue mission count as 2 separate vessels?
  5. Is there any function or mod to show all the crews i have, better grouping by vessels or planets The current Astronaut Complex does not have much option for grouping
  6. The reason why i am asking this is because i found that if the value is too low, i need to have patient when doing docking as i need to hold the H or N key very long in order to decrease just m/s. I believe it is because of the mass of my vessel is relatively high.
  7. It has 2 modes thru What's the difference? And in what situation we would give up the fuel?
  8. OK Here is another fuel transfer questions What does Drain Valve do?
  9. Talking abou the engine TWR, we are looking for 1.5-2.0 What about the ideal value for RCS TWR?
  10. Let's say i have a space station got ore and the converter The space station also got a engine and fuel tank And let say i have a vessel parking at the dock of the space station. If i start the converter, how do i control which tank it is filling up? How do i direct the fuel converted to the vessel's tank instead of the tank of the space station itself?
  11. Anyone using this mod? Is there a way to transfer Uranium to the NV-GX 'Emancipator' Atomic Rocket Motor?
  12. Is there any way, including cheats to rename the vessel without any crew onboard? If no, is there any way to destroy it?
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