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  1. Here's my first space station ever, which I docked my first vessel to a few days ago! It has plenty of supplies for restocking vessels, as well as most of the science experiments in the game. Pretty basic, but I like it. Also the antenna rotates around using the robotics :D. I also made a small resupply vessel inspired by Orion (and an SLS-style launch vehicle), but I had to clip the fuel tanks and engine in order for it to actually work and look good, which I know many players will frown at. Still don't have a name for anything in this project, perhaps the "Local Resupply & Science Station".
  2. i guess does the next messenger approve the post before this?
  3. granted, but the people coded it so they are inside the planel i wish for stable orbiting rings
  4. Ask your local grandma. What is the best Linus distro,
  5. Granted, but they treat you very bad. I wish Jebediah Kerman had clones.
  6. banned for being on every form game thread
  7. because you reply to multiple questions at once why does kerbiloid respond to multiple questions at once
  8. banned for banning people for avoiding the voided void attack in the void.
  9. banned for saying someone was reasonable in this thread
  10. granted but they look super bad i wish for matt to not make an ssto video this week
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