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  1. I have tried using everything reinstalling mods using ullage and everything i jsut wan't to progress in rp-1 which is now impossible becuse of this. If you couln't tell i am very mad.
  2. Hello everyone. My aerobee engines on rp-1 refuse to fire i have a Tiny Tim Booster on the first stage to create ullage i have high pressure tanks but they dont fire. Any solutions?
  3. Does this work with rp-1 and if it does do you need to pay to get the launchsites?
  4. Take a look at the thsi imgur.com/a/RgSYCPX image is that normal in rp-1 the land just moves .
  5. I have tried using rp-1 for the past few days but the aerobee engine refuse to work so i can't progress.
  6. Does anyone of you people know about a sls mod that works with realism overhaul?
  7. Hello i am playing with ro and does omega's stockalike structures work with 1.8.1?
  8. @DStaal I am on windows 10 i use 1.8.1 here is a screenshot of my gamedata folder https://imgur.com/a/OAGUrKE what are logs?
  9. @Xt007I have a working mouse and a fully working driver. But it is in the main meny.
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