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  1. heheh... about that.... Ive already configured the useful thing of Kertemis lol, the EUS (Not a single clue on how to config the fairing base, just the mod that its done with) Note on the 'RO Devs' There is no specific dev team, as RO more functions as a community project
  2. Continuing on this, I have done some work on Kertemis/Redirect configs, its a huge pain as redirect is all sorts out of proportion. At this point in time I believe the only mods that you should really take the time to config are Planetside and FFT, and the Near future mods have already gotten the useful things configed, Cryogenic engines is made redundant by ROEngines, SOCK has its configs completed, and Redirect can be nearly completely replaced by procs, as all rocket part mods can be
  3. Just going to mention that your a bit late to the configing of SOCK, and sorta for redirect Redirect is being configed by me, they may or may not get PR'ed to RO at some future point SOCK- https://github.com/StonesmileGit/RealismOverhaul/commit/c4192bad07e87e1b044072d9bc2188f4d5dea420 Kirk you beat me D:
  4. Just found this mod, hoping for a newer ACES and Vulcan core texture, but I think I should try and make some RO configs for this mod (Im just starting learning how to)
  5. By more realistic shuttles I mean options closer to the buran and STS, mostly with seperate OMS and RCS blocks, but I do still enjoy the mod in its current form
  6. Quick question, will we see a non tiled shutte variant? Well, less tiles, and heat blankets or just stock style textures And an option to remove the Kerbolrise logo
  7. Is there an option to not have the jets? for more realistic shuttles Just downloaded the mod and built a shuttle, It'd be nice to instead have an RCS variant of the KR-1 engine mount with an attachment node for Shuttle OMS like thingies
  8. I'm not so sure why, but I'm going to attempt to make RO configs for this mod, not sure if they'll work lol (I also just made a forms account)
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