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  1. One of the Biggest Problems I had with KSP1 was the lack of low power, Low Thrust early Rocketry engines (1940-50's esq), Will There be more Low thrust Engines that are unlocked early, or at least very powerful but Fuel Burning small engines in KSP2?
  2. First I Will do: Learn Controls Launch some random contraption that will explode then: Launch orbital colony into Kerbin orbit Build rockets from that colony Make More Colonies. At last, Kerbals inhabitant every Celestial body in the Kerbol system Then I fail repeatedly to get a interstellar colony ship into the nearest star system.
  3. I think this, although hard, is possible, and there is a good reason why i think so KSP2 not only can, but (in my opinion) Must have something like this, or we should consider it, because despite with Colony's and other stuff, Simplerockets 2 has good graphics, but also has Planet Studio, which allows normal people to Modify, and create planets in game, it is hard to do so, but it is possible because i have done so in the Studio, so A Planet assembly building (I will refer to it as PAB) means it can One up SR2, Planet studio is available also for mobile, so PAB Should be Avaliable for console if it is made. Another Possibility is that it has some kind of Mod Menu in game to go along with it, not really Mods, but a place to share creations, Like the Steam workshop, i can see it for Crafts, and in this case, also Planets, this should also be made for Console. As for the Planet editor, it should work in my opinion, like this -a option for it in the main menu -When clicked on or selected, it takes you to another menu , like in SR2 and the Planet studio, you should be able to edit, or create celestial objects -to make it easier, there should be Terrain types from all planets and moons,stars ECT for you to use, i have not been able to do this on blank planets in Planet studio -a texture selector -A Biome paintbrush and map -Templates -Atmosphere, Liquid Medium, and Temperature Menu - Ring menu -Load and save - Planet Size and Material editor -Biome selector Ect. As for planetary systems -Being able to edit planetary systems -Loading in Planets created for this -having a Pop-up preview -Loading and saving systems As for loading these in -For each Save Game, when you start, you can load and and delete different systems when creating the save game These are some ideas i have for if a PAB or something like that is added (no i am not advertising Simplerockets 2)
  4. I think this would be a cool addition,just dont take out any luxury ships to murble....
  5. We all know pluto has 5 moons,and a atmosphere,should eeloo have these aswell?
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