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  1. Ya dont be like microsoft and their new flight simulator. but just make the game great like we know yall will and im pretty sure the whole kerbal community will be happy to go explore
  2. Yes its very frustrating. ive tried deleteing the program and files completely and doing a fresh install from steam with the newest update 1.11 and im still having the same issues. ive even tried downloading the older 1.8.1 from steam and then "untying" it from steam by deleting the steam link and did the full rss/ro/rp1 install even on a seperate drive than what steam talks to. and i still get the same unity crash message or even now the blue screen windows crash that says its the watchdog issue. weird part is i never had these issues till the forced windows update when i download microsoft flight simulator ( which i dont recommend do to how buggy it is lol) so maybe it was the windows 2oh2 update thats messing everything up. but i truly dont know and im really new to having to dig into debug logs or going into the logs to find things that might give me the answers. also the only thing that shows up in the debug folder is: [1129/233644.258:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 [1130/165938.135:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 i just want this game to work, not only the new update, but my 1.8 rss/ro/rp1, cause i truly enjoy this. just wish i could get a definitive fix or help
  3. ive been trying to copy and paste that path into file explore and also trying to find the output.log and player.log and my pc isnt finding anything. i will say im sorta new to having to dig into that kind of stuff so i might not be in the right spot. even though file explorer should search all files if im thinking correctly. and i have a screen shot of the unity error window that pops up but no idea how to attach it. but the top of the window says " kerbal space program - unity 2019.2.2f1_ab112815d860
  4. Thanks guys, once I get back to the computer I'll pull those logs and see if I can get the error and code again for yall. I'm kinda at a lost with this
  5. I also get a unity error with a kerbal on the dialog box. When this happens the game will freeze but still have sound till I exit full screen mode and thats when I get the error close program and unity error
  6. Only thing open when ksp is open is steam in the background or ckan when it was being used
  7. Do you mean delete all the files from under the steam apps>commom>ksp. Cause I've done that plus Uninstalled every time to start new but if im missing a step guidance would be nice
  8. Would those files be the reason why it started in the first place before I tried doing clean installs or reinstalls?
  9. I'm havin a major issue with crash and freezes to crashes. It was fine for the first 6 months of playing with light mods, then started to get a crash every so often. Now it's gotten to the point with even no mods and a clean install with 1.10.1 that it will freeze and crash with 20 mins especially if I let the game just run idle for a short period. Tried going back to earlier version like 1.8 and 1.9 and even with no mods im still getting the same issues. Making the game unplayable. Loads up fine every time also Computer is a new build as of June using ryzen 5 3600, 2060 oc edition gpu 16g of ram and the game is installed through steam on a m.2 What the hell is going on? Only other game this happens to is the new Microsoft flight sim 2020 but thats cause they're having all kinds of issues but I still get decent play time out of that and the occasional ctd
  10. Damn i was afriad i would have to do that. can i run ckan and manually add other mods that arent in the ckan without issues?
  11. is this going to be updated to work on 1.10, mod isnt letting the game load. gets stuck loading the light globe of the umbraspaceindustries files, then the game closes.
  12. is this and kopernicus going to be updated for version 1.10?
  13. so pretty much i just need to go through and compare which mods i already have to the CKAN and just work around that then?
  14. i noticed that it had added the AD to the list on CKAN but its only on like 3 or 4 of the mods on the list out of maybe 30+ i have installed manually. is there anyway to make CKAN recognize my other mods or am i S.O.L and just have to start from scratch?
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