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  1. Thank you for your service in keeping great mods alive!
  2. I had the same problem, that happens when SigmaDimensions isnt installed For me, the github link for Sigma did not work at all. Try installing it from Curseforge, it worked for me
  3. Yay! Now i can enjoy my Delta blue titan 2 again
  4. I love the idea. Maybe an SAF Soyuz fairing too? With the drag brakes and all Doesnt need to be functional (IMO) but it would just look so cool!
  5. Hey, with the SAF Progress fairing, would it be possible to make variations for the soyuz parts to make them look like the Soyuz 2.1 boosters/core and a white staging plate? Intercolor has gray core parts but its just not dark enough, Would be very cool.
  6. Oh, i was using the WIP versions. I didnt know those kept deprecated parts. Guess i'll keep them until the next official release, i dont care that much, i just want the amazing improved FGB parts Those SAF parts look beautiful, BTW
  7. For some reason all deprecated parts still show up in the VAB. Any way to remove those? It clutters the VAB a lot. Other than that, its an amazing mod, i can not play without it anymore. Good work.
  8. For some reason, i've been having alot of problems with the install lately 1- The soyuz launch pad parts are just gone, the category is there but theres no parts 2- The shuttle FSS is incomplete, missing beanie cap, crew access arm and external tank serive structure I reinstalled it 3 times already, nothing seems to fix it i donwloaded it from Spacedock
  9. Well Rip, so we'll have to rely on someone else to make a mod for FAM. Still love the mod tho
  10. Would be interesting to see parts from "For All Mankind", like the Jamestown lunar base, the LSAM etc. Great mod!
  11. Same problem here, did you find any fix?
  12. There's just one problem, i have no money lol I limited myself to only 5 mods (no parts mod) and it now only uses around 3 gigabytes. Altough it doesnt go back anymore.
  13. Yeah, i got to that conclusion too. It is definetly KSP trying to get more RAM using the Harddrive. I have 8 gigabytes, but i'll get 16 soon. Thank you!
  14. I noticed a problem recently, whenever i start KSP, around 8-9 gigabytes get taken from my storage. I'm using Win10, Newest KSP version and i have around 10 mods. It starts when i load the game, taking up around 4 gigabytes, then when i try to load a save or something, that number increases to around 6, then it slowly makes it way to 8 or 9 gigabytes. All of those go away when i close the game, but it stills makes my pc slow until it starts filling up to the last gigabyte. The most intense one i had made me have 30mb left on storage. I have tried uninstalling all mods, but it still happens. If anything else is needed to help me out, just tell me and i'll try to get it.
  15. I Cant scale parts more than the first notch, not diameter, not lenght, anything. I tried installing with CKAN, manually, everything but it doesnt work. All dependencies are installed, i'm on version 1.10.1 using the newest (2.1.1) version of Porcedural Parts.
  16. I'm on sandbox mode. And i already asked on that forum too, thanks.
  17. For some reason i cant resize nothing above the "max size" (1.2430 meters and 625mm) no matter what i do. It doesnt go past that. I tried it on 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10.1 (my current version) and NONE work.
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