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    I wanna make the Kerbol system (yes it is Kerbol, there is a Eeloo report saying Kerbol in it.. hah) as realistic as possible like if there was another solar system like ours (and I don't kill Kerbals... why should you) oh, and eclipses. I love eclipses and silhouettes, too.

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  1. So then that means it is possible to go the speed of light, you just have to not have mass, which is a stunt that isnt in the rulebook...
  2. what makes light so special that it can go the speed of light? And also pink might be blue to you, but you've been taught that that's called blue all of your life so you wouldn't think "Huh, why's the sky pink?" (or with any other 2 colors)
  3. This ain't SubNautica, but yeah that would be cool
  4. I guess I am a maniac on duna @Jebediah Kerman?
  5. not until they get to orbit, and need the heat protection
  6. Download SSPX and make some ripped-and-very-overbuilt space station! Huh, you could even call it that...!
  7. Not to steal @James Kerman's biscuit but he's a moderator so he may not always have time, you can always message me! 1. KSP is very realistic, and KSP can really teach you something about orbital mechanics! 2. It is very, must I say very, rewarding when you get into orbit for the first time/land on the Mun/land on rover on Duna, and you and your friends could have something to talk about when you all meet up! 3. Replications-although you can always make your own rockets, KSP has some special parts to replicate real life missions, and the thrill of doing exactly what happened in real life! I could go on, but these are some good things to tell your friends! Good luck!
  8. Uh-uh! @The Man Myth and Legend wut
  9. I want more comms. systems. it has the least amount of parts in all of the groups (IIRC...) and it's something that would really work well with KSP.
  10. jimm-ee-theh-dawg You can thank my cousin's dog's name, as I didn't really have any other users!
  11. He's too busy with his patients. @Bruh
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