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    I wanna make the kerbol system (yes it is kerbol, there is a eeloo report saying kerbol in it.. hah) as realistic as possible like if there was another solar system like ours (and I don't kill kerbals... why should you)

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  1. Its like @Misguided Kerbal's closet but for @Spaceman.Spiff! nice!
  2. Hello. Quick question, I was wondering when KSP2 gets released if it would break off as a separate forum. Excuse me if this was already said somewhere.
  3. I'm in KSP right now and I'm doing alt+L and nothing happens... HELP! I never even locked it in the first place! Oh hah.... went to alt+f12 menu and cleared input locks, staging has never been better! Disregard message above
  4. I'm a TAC user. TAC is a Kerbalism with less realism and TAC isn't as hard as Kerablism.
  5. Perhaps try to get the Kerbal Kontinents mod together, or rebuilt my mun base since I got a new PC and the old save got corrupted
  6. Hi everyone! I just transfered KSP onto my new gaming laptop! So, I go into settings and I set everything to max to see how it handles, and yes, my mods and both DLC'S are there. So, like the title says, I can't click the accept button... well, I can, but nothing happens... Is there a killer mod or bug that will do this? Thanks
  7. Great, More mods being smashed with the stock hammer
  8. Hey! Got this idea about a mod for official... well... kerbal Kontinents! Sort of like kerbin side, but not really. I would love for this to come into reality, even stock. I think it would be good addition to the game. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks! This would post should go into kerbal network
  10. Not sure what subject this would be good in but the title is self-explanatory.
  11. Hello everyone! There is an old thread about this but there wasn't an answer to it, and maybe someone now has the answer to it. So I'm at my Mun base and I EVA to go check out a nearby surface feature. I set down and and walk (the rover and the rover garage are on their way to the base) and then my kerbal does like a half stride and then stops the animation but then glides towards the way I want the way I want him to walk, but he doesn't stomp his feet like he's supposed to. I have a lot of mods, I will go through on my old KSP copy and delete mods... anyone know a mod that kills th
  12. 1.11 just came out... perhaps they would add it to 1.12 when ever that comes out
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