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  1. Well @Nertea, I reinstalled smokescreen, Realplume and waterfall and it started working again! Ty But now, the problem's something else, the Tundra Exploration starship doesn't support methalox fuel configs, Only Hydrolox. But I saw others on Discord use it and it works fine for them. It may be a Cryo tank problem, idk
  2. Why don't I have any plumes in any methalox engine? I use ksp version 1.9.1.
  3. Hey Alex, You will be glad to learn that I am also facing this problem. If your problem is fixed, can you please guide me what to do or tell me how did you solve it? Thanks for your cooperation
  4. The mod is not working!!! Except Falcon 9 demo and Falcon 1 no rockets are working, nor the parts are available. Can someone please suggest what to do?
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