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  1. I want a better optimized game that allows easier IVAs mods. Because I just love flying from cabin. In regards with Multiplayer, I hope they find a way to make collaborative task, I don't know how they could implement it, but I would if there were certain task that must be done in collaboration. May be even having some sort of roleplaying effect, in which all the players are on the same vessel, and each player uses a different kerbal type (engineer/science/pilot) and each has different task and things to do in flight for a successfull mission.
  2. Arguably the best song so far. Those DRUMS. I love drums. And the melody, reminds me of Mass Effect Virgil.
  3. Quick questions: - How does the wheel transforming into legs work? or at least that's how it looks in the last 2 pics here https://imgur.com/a/oacfT#0 - How does the heat shield work? I found one heathshield piece, but it has a shape designed only for the tips of the base, not the middle parts. Does the mod "not support" horizontal landings?
  4. Sorry but your argument doesn't make much sense to me. The implementation of such feature is not gonna damage the development of the game. And it doesn't go against one of its main pillars. To the point most of main KSP players use one or twice features from mods like HyperEdit, KOS or MechJeb. It's also not unrealistic to unlock certain automatization process within the tech tree, since nowdays most of space maneuvres are mostly calculated and executed by computer programs anyway. I just can't stand this very toxic pc gamer culture of "oh, a game should be played hard and difficult, l
  5. So far all I can say about this mod is that it works fine in 1.11 Except....the new visor feature becomes broken.
  6. Instead of moving them without worrying about the logistics. Wouldn't be simpler and more realistic to provide players a sort of "RTS base building mechanic"? That is, instead of moving the buildings spawned, you just decide which building you want and where you want it, from the start, using that BAE. Then may be some sort of groundwork build mechanic like in MKS would be nice for multiplayer. Each player with a task to make sure the building progress smoothly and such.
  7. Indeed. I like the sound design. However, I know this is a long shot. BUT. @Nate SimpsonCould you ask the music department if there's anyway to add some sort of homage or reference to this oldie classic.? It always sounded peaceful, anciente, progressive, spacey, hopeful, mysterious, I can't put it into words. But that track always sounded really special and nostalgic to me. I realize it's impossible, and perhaps doesn't agree with the overall sound they're aiming at. But still, worth the shot.
  8. The thing written above me is both true and false. It is true, because as a general rule, there's absolutely no reason or need to give a company money BEFORE you get the product. But it's also false, because: third world economics. Let me give you an exameple. If KSP2 was available for preordering, it would probably have regional pricing (or at least I hope so), just like the original KSP. Now this is important. Because, let's say you get the game at the local currency equivalent of 15 usd. Now, between the first trailer, and now, my country had: - More than 60% devaluation
  9. I believe he just wanted an integrated UI of what the camera is showing while playing, not a technical aspect of where the lens is pointing in the model. In other words, much like the current telescope mods. That let's you move the camera live, and take pictures while actively showing you the camera. I have a small request. Is it possible to have an option, or a hotkey so that the camera can take photos automatically at a regular interval? Because one of the things I love about this mod is taking pictures every 5-10 seconds while orbiting or while landing, and it would
  10. Nope. He's busy talking non stop throughout a 20 minute video. But may be @Flixxbeatzthe game founder can return and tells us who's next.
  11. You just do you at your own rythm. This one of the best mods there are. It's a pity more parts mods don't use it.
  12. This is probably a lot to ask. But could it be possible to have a better landing screen module? To be more precise, one that is integrated with better burn time mod/KER. It would be cool to land a ship without any interface on, but the current modules don't have a "suicide burn" countdown for instance, nor a TWR stat.
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