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  1. Everyone here wants better graphics. And here I am, with a GTX 670 FTW, hoping they don't go overboard with the minimum requirements, because the GPU market is absolutely insane right now, and so is the economy of the country in which I live. As far as I am concerned I hope they give as fancy graphics as you guys want, as long as they allow it to keep the low requirements....well....low.
  2. As someone who plays Realism Overhaul. I 100% want everything that is structural procedurally available. I honestly believe all concerns are unwarranted and unjustifiable. The procedural mechanic allows for greater customization and personality of your rockets. The limits? The limits are still there, and potentially even larger, you can have limits in the composition of the materials for the tanks and wings, forcing you to improve technology on the tech tree+allowing different tank types for different objectives of the stage, there is also limits on the laws of nature themselves (KSP vanilla is easier than real life gravity after all) but more importantly, there's limits in engines. Limits that could be further expanded. For instance, two main concerns when designing a RO rocket is not only the thrust and ISP of your engine, but also the numbers of ignitions, the average burn time without failures and wether they require ullage or not. You can also add a mechanic for avionics (that is extra weight needed to be capable of steering a rocket, and if you don't want that you have to build your rockets with that in mind), or you can also remove/limit the current reaction wheels (extremely OP) and make RCS customization more of a thing (again, different types of fuels, weight, isp, etc) This is just an example. My main point is that there are a ton of mechanics you can add and tweak in order to provide the player "challenges" when building something, without limiting creativity by sticking to "lego parts" that can't be modified and usually screw performance. I 100% WELCOME procedural parts in KSP2. And hope any parts that are not procedurally available in vanilla be added by mods. I can't go back to lego rockets. I have WAY more fun designing rockets on RO mod than on vanilla.
  3. I liked the RO style. You point the craft where you want (usually the sun for solar panels) and then make it spin slowly for stabilizing.
  4. This was good.....if it was released three weeks ago. I mean, the episode itself it's fine. But they're gonna start selling the game in six weeks. I really hope they start pumping up this episodes and actually start showing some gameplay. I don't mean to sound rude or impatient, but, February is right around the corner, i'm feeling a bit nervous that they're still showing the art department and still not focusing on gameplay mechanics.
  5. I'm not worried about the CPU nor the RAM. I'm worried about the GPU. My 670 is old, while the rest of my computer is only 1-2 years old. The problem is, the GPU market is impossible right now, I can't spend that much money for a card.
  6. Speaking of props. Have you ever heard what happened to Alexustas22 SMART S.A.S.S integration? It was a cool prop for MAS in which you could somewhat have IVA control of that feature.
  7. There's a slight problem with this prop, you can enter parameters, it works fine with Mechjeb (although not fully integrated in number of parameters) except you can't use "." or "," to separate numbers, which is pretty usual when defining an inclination. In this case I wanted to try 36.62, but only could 36. Also I'm unsure what all the other "F02", "F04", "F10" buttons are supposed to do. Or perhaps they're blank for future features? The keyboard is nice but don't see where to use it? Is this prop integrated with kOS?
  8. I'm betting 10 Stranded Kerbals that we're not getting anything, but deep down I'm rescuing those 10 strander kerbals hoping for a feature video.
  9. They do, but he's talking about being able to get a more realistic look.
  10. This is true. BUT, I'd like to state the implied thing about what darthgently said: build things ourselves on EVA missions. I really really hope there's some level of "Minecraft"/"Vallheim"/"No Man's Sky" in the building bases and multiplayer aspect of it. It would be kind of lame if building a base is just gathering X amount of science and press a button. Because that would kind of make it less immersing, and repeat "the problem" with Ksp long term gameplay mechanics: the lack of having stuff to do in other planets. Now, of course I'm not asking for the same level of detail and time consumption in building bases or gathering resources as those games, but just having enough aspects of it so that you can actually have something to do with your friends online, or just build gigantic interstellar ships you can actually mess around/decorate inside with your friends.
  11. This should be a no brainer: THE LOADING TIMES WHEN YOU OPEN A GAME WITH MODS. They're insane. Even on a m.2 drive it can take more than I would call acceptable for modern games.
  12. That is a rough internet you have there. I downloaded it in less than one minute. However, don't fret. Search the official Twitter acount of Kerbal Space Program. All videos on Twitter are smaller in size than the one posted here. And to be fair, as pretty as the game looks, the pre-alpha textures makes the loss of bitrate meaningless.
  13. I know I probably will be dissapointed, but there's one aspect of Starfield that I thin kwould be cool in KSP2, and that is this idea of RPG survival-build base mechanic. Let me be more specific. KSP2 will have multiplayer and interstellar ships. Those two things mean: we'll have massive ships, we'll have friends playing with us on the game. From that perspective, it would be cool if there was more emphasis giving to controlling a kerbal from a first or third person perspective. Having some sort of building base experience similar to minecraft or vallheim. And having some sort of stuff to customize and interact with inside the ship, that is, having more detailed IVA that are actually interactive, and not just a static camera. I think such a perspective would make multiplayer much more fun (there would be common goals and task to do once on the planet or during transit) than just "a friend flew by my side", "we both landed on our own rockets and awkwardly interacted on a barren desert" kind of gameplay that I would imagine if KSP2 is just KSP1 with multiplayer. Because building and flying a rocket with the KSP1 system is not that interactive or attractive from a cooperative perspective, there has to be SOMETHING there to entice buyers to try multiplayer.
  14. What maximum price should the game have? $60+ ¿60% voted for that one? Good lord, thank god for regional prices, you guys have no care for third world buyers.
  15. - Camera mods (both parts mods and actual camera view modes) - IVA mods (MoardV) - Chatterer (nice to have PPT feature on IVA, could be even more useful in multiplayer) - Procedural Everything mods - Testflight
  16. I can't read the last one, the one on the third column (starting from left to right). Other than that, like I said before, the feature I need the most for attempting a full IVA with no game interface, is a way of interacting with Mechjeb S.A.S.S, specially for pitch head and rolling. I don't know if that will be included in the current SAS panel, but that Is the feature I wish the most. And is also a feature that would work well in a touchscreen I think, you just have to copy the mechjeb S.A.S.S tab on it and let the player press plus or negative buttons. I also support the science panel idea, to controll all experiments from there. I don't know how easy that would be, considering there are mods like kerbalism that modify science (I know kerbalism has a science control panel in their interface though). Other than that I think most of the panels cover everything major. Next time I open KSP I'll try making a full IVA moon mission to see if I can think of anything else that would be useful. EDIT: Just read you were at the hospital. Wish you a fast recovery!
  17. I know someone on this forum gave me a real earth map that works fine with MFD. I am interested in this since I am playing RP1, if I can export maps on that resolution with ScanSat and make them work I'll share them here. Regarding maps and MFD, during a test I found that MFD was showing me two different locations depending on the panel, the one on the right is the correct one. https://i.imgur.com/p5PmwfI.png
  18. That reminded me of an old youtube video mocking the original Crysis, by editing a developer of the studio interview, it went something among this lines (the video wasn't on english, so forgive translation): " -Reporter: The images we're seeing, are they rendered in real time by a PC? -Crysis developer: Uhhhhhhm......yeah...........well no, actually not. In reality, this 60 fps gameplay videos are obtained thanks to two computers with 15 cpu cores each one (this was the time of 4 cores being a lot) working in parallel with a NASA supercomputer and a Nintendo DS. But don't worry, in the final product the user might enjoy a superb 30fps with drops to 2 fps in scenes with animation like walking or standing still in tall grass. All they'll have to do is buy 14 8800GT and mount them in a soundproofed cryogenic freezer, meaning that by the mere cost of 12 thousand euros the player will enjoy an economic Crysis that will actually feel real when the bank demands payment"
  19. Will try tomorrow and report if it works the ventilator. Good to know the buttons actually do work. I'll try to keep testing other buttons to see if there's anything broken. Regarding the nomenclature they're: MAS_pb_RcsTranslateZ, MAS_pb_RcsTranslateX, MAS_pb_RcsTranslateY. Which is why I tought they're were push buttons, since they're named "pb" and not something like "RCSX indicator". Regarding the up and down button, pay no attention, it might actually work. I completely forgot those were supposed to be for gear and not RCS. I did not had a gear on that test ship, so that's my bad, I'll try tomorrow to test it with gear too. If Moardv knows of any prop section that probably needs to be checked, I'll try those also instead of just picking random MAS and ASET props and see if they do something. Another thing you can see on the video, and I don't know if it's working as intended or if it needs a patch is the instrument panel light. You can see in the video that when you turn the light on, it works for a lot of buttons (action buttons and the ones that have a white outline) but there are some buttons with the same white outline that don't light up, for whatever reason.
  20. Just tried it, doesn't work. I also found out another couple of things: - The cabin light pb doesn't work as well as the knob, or doesn't seem to work as well without the knob being there too, or something just broke with the update. - I found other set of pb that either don't work, or I am missing something about it's functions. - I found a weird bug in which going to EVA and then inside broke the functionality of the mod. - I experienced unsual fps drops while on IVA+textures issues. This might not be related to the mod itself, I do have an issue with kerbals being larger than they should on my gemini cabin, and I fix by going outside and then re-enter, and somehow that fixes it, I don't know what "rescale" cfg is causing the issue though, but I know it's an issue with my IVA. But since I don't remeber those issues before I leave it here for someone better knowledged to judge. I leave the logs here. And a video that shows what I found in case it's useful to somebody.
  21. If it were up to me I would prioritize adding pitch/roll/yaw control from inside the IVA before making KOS work. The reason being: KOS is optional, whereas adjusting pitch/roll/yaw in relation to surface is essential for controlled landing maneuvres. Also, thanks for the update, downloading and installing it now.
  22. I can confirm that the MFD on the right seat is exactly the same as the one in the middle. The CRT tv that's also on the right seat..... I don't know what that is, but it works fine, it's a cool prop that I found and never saw in use, pretty cool for selecting a near docking port as target from inside the IVA and using it for camera. Another three things I remembered: -When trying to find a way of modifying my mechjeb S.A.S.S pitch during landing (which I failed to do unfortunately), I started adding a bunch of pb_mechjeb buttons and I found a Mechjeb Plus and MechJeb Minus, but they didn't seem to do anything, I don't know what's the purpose for them but if you tell me how to use them I can test them too. - Do you see the digital indictator on the left cabin? It doesn't show on the video, but sometimes when the number is negative or too large, the numbers appear OUTSIDE the panel, as if the scale modification I made on the indicator does not translate to the actual display numbers of the MAS program itself. - There's a problem with ventilators. There's one prop for ventilator that is always animated, and another prop for Ventilator that says "animated" but starts turned off, I assume that's the one you activate with one of the pb props, but none worked either, so there's probably a problem with the ventilator prop too. Basically anything you suspect needs to be tested just tell me and I'll try it, since I am already tweaking and testing my RO Gemini IVA. I seem to remember you said something about KOS not working properly, I don't use KOS so I don't have that prop on my Gemini, but I can download it if you want to try seomthing, anything I can do to help I'll do it, since I am coding illiterate and I have no other way to collaborate.
  23. Well by trial and error I did put a touch screen MFD on one of my avionics, but ended up replacing because it didn't function properly. I guess that's the explanation for that one. If I remember correctly I could use some features, but others would do nothing, I think you could use the navball, but where unable to use the orbit+map feature, something like that. Regarding bug reports I sadly don't have one now, I'll keep an eye for logs when something's wrong. What I can remember though: - I once pushed a RADAR button while landed to see what it did, and it crashed the game - I am having trouble with newer versions of Mechjeb getting recognized by MFD I made some quick tests. First: the rhea you said works, the cabin starts dark, and the knob let's me turn it on and off, there button version works fine too. Also for some reason the MU lights are always "on" texture wise, which is annoying and I should try changing that but everytime I use blender on the gemini MU file I end up creating a larger file when exporting it and can't fix that, anyway, not a Moardv problem. Second: The 1m omnilights knob work for left cabin, right cabin and upper cabin. Third: I made I mistake and still have to try if the 1,2 and 3 meter flood lights work with the flood knob, I'll edit this post when it's done testing. I also added a "flapjack cockpit" knob, but no idea what it does, didn't find a light with that name Fourth: I have a bunch of different MFD installed, the orangey one, the modern one, and the one that is modern but kind of rectangular. In all of them but the latter vessell view works fine, in the latter neither vessell nor orbit+map work, I don't know why. Fifth: The extra cameras and pod cameras "next" "previous" buttons don't appear to work on ONE of the MFD panels, but do on the others. Here's a list of all the lighty thingies I'm currently testing Here's a link that shows vessel viewer not working in just one of the MFD (the one below in the middle that shows a black screen) Just to clarify, the one on the left seat is "a modern one" and the one in the middle of the cabin but on a 90º angle is the same as on the right cabin, the one that's more "old school" orangey. The 1m left and right cabin working fine. The 1m upper cabin working fine. Now I'll edit this post once I tried the flood ones that I have on place. Just to be clear I'm gonna test - 1,2,3 m flood light - "MAS_LightBox_Flood" EDIT: @MOARdV "I can confirm" that the Flood lights don't work. None of them. Not the 1m, not the 2m, not the 3m and not the Lightbox_flood. At least not with the rhea flood knob that you can see on the first link. I leave a video for convenience.
  24. I don't see Kerbal looking like this any time soon. Also I kind of don't want them, since with this whole GPU-stock-price crisis I am planning on playing KSP2 with my current old GPU, I am not paying the list price of a 3070 to get a 3060, and that is if you find stock. KSP is a game that many play with potato computers. To make it a high end GPU game would be like making a League of Legends GTX 3080 edition, you would loose a lot of players.
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