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  1. Yes, I agree with this. Not the full thing, just primarily these features.
  2. Very nice. But honestly, personally I just want the parts manager gone and reverted back to how KSP1 was. I really can't see what was wrong with the old system, right click a part to bring its settings, easy, simple, works. And the same goes for prop transfer, Alt Right Click 2 parts and transfer, again easy, simple and works. These are some of the reasons I'm still playing mostly KSP1, at the very least give us a legacy mode for older player who are used to the old system. As someone in another post said, the UI wastes a LOT of space with where its placed, and even its visuals, too much is being wasted on making it pretty covering the actual gameplay, and once you add some mods and open extra windows, oh boy i might as well not have a 3D view at all, just the instruments. And I cant scale things down to compensate because then certain text becomes too small to read on a 1080p monitor. Another things that I just can NOT get used to is the VAB controls, I hate them with a passion, please give me back the KSP1 controls. TLDR: Parts manager bad. UI big elements with small information. Give us the option for KSP1 VAB controls.
  3. Are you just maintaining it or planning to add new features? Something that would make this a lifesaver is to have something like Mechjeb where you have a config file with preset landing zones you can select in a drop down menu. Oh, and it doesn't hide the UI when using F2 which kinda sucks for recording videos. @linuxgurugamer
  4. I do not plan to make configs for that myself. Ill leave that for the community. I don't play RSS/RP1. Also here's a little update on the booster:
  5. Awesome! In that case I will hold off the plume for a little longer while I finish modeling the booster. Thank you!
  6. Hi Nertea, is there a way you can have a setting in the plume parts to toggle the backface view? At certain angles the texture becomes really visible. This is a volumetric plume I'm showing here. And here's the side view: Anyways, having a ton of fun with WF making plumes for my Superheavy
  7. Just wanna leave here some work-in-progress eye candy from the 2.0 update. Just finished texturing the raptors, the center ones also have their gimbal rig done.
  8. Added a little section in the main post listing configs people have made
  9. Keep in mind my mod is not made for RSS/RO and I have not added tweakscale support for the ship yet, ill try adding that when I release the booster.
  10. *EDIT* ignore everything i just said if you saw the original, i thought i was replying to a more recent message but I was on the wrong page, im a big pepega LOL ehem, anyways.. Since Elon recently showed the bottom of the booster with most of its thermal protection added, I can finally go on to finish mine, hopefully releasing it early January
  11. Changelog 1.2: Screenshots in the original post! **Model/Texture Updates:** Bottom tiles of both flaps have been updated to match real design (S21). Adjusted the welds of the flaps. Added flap motors inside the skirt. Added the GSE Panel on Ship. (Only visual for now) Added extra supports for the skirt clamp mounts. Added RVac mounts. Added COPVs inside the Ship's skirt. (Speculative placement until real-reference) Added the GSE Pipes inside the skirt. Added the raceway. **Config Updates:** Symmetry now works for the engine mounts. RVac attachment node slightly moved up to match the visual mount. (May break craft files) Added an offset to the CoL of the flaps in an attempt to improve belly flop roll stability. Added a fuel switch for the tank contents and vents. (LqdMethane + Oxidizer) Improved the engine configurations for CryoEngines to work better with my ship. They are also now auto-installed so you don't have to do it manually.
  12. Next update should be coming by the end of the week, here's the changelog so far, it's currently on my patreon for testing to make sure i didn't miss anything. As for the booster, I'm still waiting on SpaceX to finish working on the engine skirt. https://trello.com/c/o1nJz67k/41-v12-changelog I did make a small change to the center of lift of the flaps to see if it helps.
  13. Damn! That's really cool, most of it goes completely over my head but makes me happy people are having fun with it. I only ended with leftover propellants when i started the flight on a non-full ship, because of how i configured the tanks to move some LOX to the header tank. So if you manually use the slider to lower the prop amount it will no longer be filled with the right ratio. Its kinda janky. Also unrelated, if anyone knows why the heck symmetry placing of the engine isn't working let me know, I've done everything i can think of to fix it from naming the nodes like other parts to changing the axis rotation of the nodes and nothing worked.
  14. Cool, I do plan on transitioning to my own script since I also want to make the vents work in a more realistic way that isn't making them engine modules. But I need to figure that part of Unity still, its been years since I've programmed and right now I'm having way more fun with the modeling part of this, which is why I made the mod really.
  15. This was a test I did, the center of lift did not move up when the flaps actuated, it stayed in the same location as if the flaps were not deployed. If there's a way to fix that, then I'd love to know, since I'm pretty new to Unity and KSP configs.
  16. Yeah I don't think SpaceX/Elon has mentioned the downmass, but I would also guess its much lower because of the balance. I will tweak it as more info comes out. I also work with all the other space 3D artists and we have hundreds of references to work with together, and some people who know a lot more than me. Glad you're enjoying it! I'm currently working in the skirt section of the ship and hope to have another visual update soon. Booster is going a bit slow because there's a lot of changes being done to B4 atm like the engine cover/skirt and some aero covers for the electronics & COPVs. Also to add to this, I made a template that other modders can use as reference for my Starship GSE Panel, so we can all keep it consistent, specially those making GSE mods with catch & QD arms.
  17. Starship is designed to be capable of also bringing payloads down. Meaning if if the center of mass is not further back than the center of lift you will end up with a very heavy nosecone and nosedive on reentry. I have to find a balance that works for both an empty and a filled nosecone. The CoM of the nose is further higher because there's this thing called header tank at the very tip that has LOX in it, and should be set to remain full by lowering the flow priority of it, also helping the general center of mass of the ship. The ship is also designed to have the main tanks basically empty during a bellyflop, other than the methane tank. If you notice, the tank section doesn't have a perfect ratio between LF and Ox, because I moved some of it's Ox to the header tank. As for the roll imbalance, there's not much I can do, because KSP does not update the center of lift in real-time based on the flap angle, when the flaps are slightly folded the CoL should also move slightly leeward which would create a natural roll balance. This does not happen in KSP, I even tried to change the CoL of each flap to be in their CoM instead of the hinge point where all the other KSP parts have it but it made no different and made my Unity setup harder to deal with, so I reverted it. This combined with the flaps being smaller than SN8-16(other Starship mods) and creating less drag. Edit: Also, I originally calculated the general weight of the ship based on the real one, and I ended up with engines that werent able to do what the real one did even on test flight, as in, hovering with a single engine. So I lowered it, resulting in lower terminal velocity, I even buffed my CryoEngines raptors to be what Raptor 2 *might be*. This, you can blame on the stupid scaling KSP has for weight and thrust values. I'm tempted to honestly ditch stock KSP and go completely real-scale so I don't need to deal with doing all this, I hate math. I don't like the idea of copy-pasting configs that other modders made, I'm figuring it all out on my own. You're free to do that yourself, I heard Kari's starship has a good balance. Tho probably unrealistic based on the changes SpaceX has made to the flaps.
  18. Don't know, it requires the latest TundraExploration for the flaps to work. I have not tested in anything below 1.11, and don't plan to. Yes. Waiting on SpaceX to add a few things to the real one before I finish it.
  19. EDIT: Made a small woopsie, download 1.1.1, I forgot to include the updated TexturesUnlimited patch. Version 1.1 is now released. Changelog: - Added the hatches on Starship. - Minor change to the heat shield pattern for the antennas. - Added the white blanket under the tiles. - Added the passive vent on the opposite side of the main LOX vent. - Added the pipe connecting the header tank to the header vent. - Improved textures and shaders. * Fixed heatshield not being the intended normal map texture resolution. Screenshots:
  20. uh oh... I have bad news for you lol. I'm not interested in that design at all, in fact, I hate the look of it. Which is the main reason I named the title "2021 design".
  21. Starship 2021 Design (S20) PERMANENT UPDATE: I have decided to discontinue the mod due to burnout and the high rate of changes to the design IRL, plus I absolutely hate dealing with Unity and KSP modding in general. A lot more work than I really have the patience to deal with, so I'm returning to only doing renders and animations. HOWEVER. . . If you want a replacement, please check @Kari's Starship Expansion Project we've helped each other in the past and I highly recommend it. Down below you can see all the current features, screenshots, compatibility, dependencies and a longer description about me and mod. First of all, here's a little event I did on my KaioSpace youtube channel when I first released the mod for my Patrons to test: Screenshots: Dependencies: TundraExploration is required for the flaps to function. TexturesUnlimited is required for you to see the shiny metal. CryoTanks are required because of the LqdMethane configuration as of 1.2. (This was an accidental thing, I'll see if I can make it optional for 2.0, alternatively, you can probably delete the tank configs in the Patches folder of the mod) Recommended: CryoEngines - For more accurate Raptor replicas until I make my own. My mod includes a config for the engines and tank contents to be compatible. Waterfall - For the raptor exhaust plumes. HullCameraVDS & NeptuneCamera - For the FlapCam/WindwardCam/DownwardCam if you want to do fancy videos. StarshipLaunchExpansion - For the suborbital clamp and launch tower. Kari's Starship Expansion Project - If you need a booster that fits with my Ship until I release my own and you'll also have more Ship variants to play with. Installation: Place the KaioSpace folder in the zip file inside the KSP GameData folder. Launch the game! Yup, should be that simple. On CKAN all you have to do is select and install. I have not made a craft file for it yet, but if you're familiar with other Starship mods it should work very similarly. You get an extra option to toggle the vents with an action group on the nose and tank section. I recommend that you set the nosecone to lower fuel Flow Priority so the header tank remains full until its really needed, also balances the weight better on descent. Features usually get released to patreon first a couple days early and then I will make a public release once all testing is done. The next major update (2.0) will likely be the SuperHeavy Booster. NOTE: Starship S20 does NOT have legs so I didn't model any and likely wont until we have a new design at Starbase. If you want to use legs you can use Tundra's legs for the time being. You just need to do some weird symmetry because S20+ has a new skirt design. Download: Spacedock (& CKAN) | Dev Versions: Patreon Roadmap: Trello License: MIT About Me & Mod: I'm Erito. I'm a 3D artist who has been making renders for a while and had the pleasure of joining a group of other Spaceflight artists who have been helping me improve. Since last year I've been addicted to Starship's development and I had the idea to make this mod in January 2021 but stopped because I wasn't making progress learning (because quite honestly the documentation for modding isn't.. very friendly or updated for new devs, but that's a rant for another day). Few months later I restarted the project and here we are. I very regularly post updates on Twitter and my Discord about the mod, tho keep in mind if you join my discord I'm extremely strict with my rules, no memes, only Starship/3D modeling/Chill talk, and I'm also known for not dealing well with younger audiences. RSS/RO Configs: I'm not planing to make RSS/RO configs myself, but you're free to post your configs on this post and I'll list them here below. I will not test them myself (I'm bad at RO lol) so use at your own risk & let me know, also send me pics on twitter!!: Modder Resources for making compatible mods: Changelogs: Work In Progress:
  22. Alright cool, thanks for explaining. It's the first time I'm making a mod Got it working btw!
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