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  1. Hi, Does MuMechModuleHullCameraZoom use an empty object in the part to place the camera? Like how engine effects use the thrustTransform. I'm trying to integrate it to the flap & camera pod of my upcoming Starship mod but it faces the wrong way. Also which axis does it look at? Also I remember there was a mod that had a visual cone of the FOV when placing it in the VAB but I can't remember what mod it is, does anyone know?
  2. Some graphic design, kOS script to output the data to a txt file and then read that txt file in my recording software.
  3. This video would not have been possible without this mod. Thank you so much for making it! Feel free to use it as a usage example if you'd like.
  4. Oh my! I never thought this would be possible to do. Testing it right now for my next launch! I do have a request, can we get an option to turn off the telemetry? I already have my own kOS script that exports that data to a file that I read in a custom overlay I made for OBS. Speaking of overlays, I need to make a new one for all these cameras!
  5. OMG I can't wait to play with it. Awesome job getting that done, been seeing the previews on discord and it looks amazing. One thing tho, you placed the skirt/leg support hex ring in the wrong orientation, not a big deal, it might clip into the VAC engines and legs. Just wanted to mention it in case you didn't fix already and before its too late. GJ!
  6. Ok, installing Kopernicus Bleeding Edge manually before Parallax fixed it for me, thanks for pointing it out guys. Don't install the dependency from CKAN, it downloads the old one. I'd say write this in the original post to prevent further confusion.
  7. Hai! Got the same problem as the post by jjmartin. Stock planets. I have terrain detail on Default, when I set it to high kerbin textures looked more like jjmartin's post instead of black. Edit: Disabling ReShade didn't fix it so that's not it. Logs: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/320669011207782411/777241426299846676/ksp_logs.zip
  8. This is not ok Falcon 9 with Tundra+Reusability without gridfins is ~ 65K polys (no payload) With the grid fins it goes to ~164k polys. This is an object people would use in a render, not in a game. Each of those curves can be done with 4-6 loop cuts, these have around 20. I don't wanna seem like I'm pooping on it, just pointing out something that could be very optimized. This is one of my must have mods and I love it!
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