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  1. Huh, I am using both of the mods and thought the stock one is the ~1000kN RS25 version, which runs on LF/Ox in my install. Whilst the ~800kN RS25B is the patched one to be used by the shuttle running on LH2/Ox. O_o
  2. I am not sure if he can. I guess they use LF/Ox and the tank only has LH2/Ox. So would need to change that as well. Are you actually using atmosphere autopilot? Without that I guess it will be quite hard. I agree with SpaceFace that it flies quite well (the landing actually works better than the launch :-D ). I just did a mission yesterday in JNSQ and only thing I can say: Enter with 30°. Then later you need to keep it on 120-140m/s by moving nose down and only pull up on the last few hundred meters. It is definitely not a plane for long flights. Reentry and atmospheric drag/braki
  3. It is not on CKAN yet, but Benjee is thinking about that. For now you need to manually install
  4. for regular robotics you need to lock servos and joints when not using them. Haven't used the Kerboarm, so can't say if it is the same.
  5. I know it for example from Internal RCS. They are named e.g. "EVR-WR LF1 - Liquid Fuel RCS" and the counterpart "EVR-WR MP1 - Monopropellant RCS"
  6. And another thing: Do the Andromeda Monopropellant tanks then still make sense, or should they be small LF/Ox tanks?
  7. Ah, ok... that makes sense... and would explain why my crafts still have that weird mix. So either it is old version for me... or revamping my crafts... Thanks for explaining! EDIT: Maybe a "LF thruster" in the title of each would make sense. At least other mods mark it like that. @Friznit That is probably relevant for you as well. I just used a Zarya craft file from you and it still has the Monoprop, e.g. in the RFT-D2 Tanks
  8. I see. However why then all the parts have huge mono propellant tanks included? Like the Soyus. All that would not be needed anymore?
  9. Just figured, why the Tantares RCS thruster are not working with my crafts. They use liquid fuel and oxidizer?! O_o Is that intended or do I have some mess on my install?
  10. So I checked effects and waterfall says that they are on and working. However they seem to be very faint, especially in comparison to the Ariane 4 main stage and the boosters. I made some screenshots so you can see: https://imgur.com/a/axqntIm Also added a shot from the KNES fairing not closing properly. Not a huge issue, but just saw it when creating the screenshots. Hope this helps.
  11. Does WHAT not include and in WHAT regards? Give a little context please. If you expect someone to put effort in an answer you should do the same for the question.
  12. At least the last one on CKAN. Will have some time later today, then I can check and provide some screenshots/info.
  13. I just tried 1.9.5 on a Ariane 44L. It seems that waterfall has some issues: - I have a crackling sound right away on the launch pad, like static noise out of a radio - Had a night start and would not see any effect on L-33 and HM7 So far just noting this, didn't have time to dig deeper to find causes for this.
  14. The big solar truss is a bit buggy, ranging from explosions, to slowly wandering of the station and the overlord look by a big red version of it. Sadly there is no fix so far as the origin of this bugs seem to be quite peculiar.
  15. I am using cryoTanks, that adds a management for the selection of fuels. There might be other mods, but that is the one I know.
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