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  1. Sounds like you are not in a neutral position of the joints = having tension on the arm. It is then like a pre loaded spring. Also you should move every joint on slowest setting.
  2. Are you using Kerbalism? That is removing O2 for some reason. 2 pages back I posted the culprit entry and how to fix it You need Breaking Ground for the moving parts. Yes, it works with Kerbalism, but there is a wrong configuration in Kerbalism. See my comment above.
  3. Saved craft files are not altered by any mod as far as I know. There are some (afaik mechjeb included) that add modules to the ship when it gets loaded and is missing it. However it is modules. They do not prevent you from loading a craft file if the mod is missing. The modules just get removed. So it might be that you are mixing up parts (something you see in the VAB as a part) and modules (something you might see in the properties of a part)? A craft file cannot be loaded with a part of a missing mod. And no, you do not have to rebuild the craft. You can use tools to clean parts out of a save or craft file, like: https://github.com/ChrisDeadman/KSPPartRemover
  4. Just tried to add TimeToAN and TimeToDN to gauge the launch timing for a rendezvous in inclination. However the timing seems not to be updated but is stuck at 7minutes something. Did I configure this wrong?
  5. Probably because you post in random threads?! Nevertheless, which mods do you have installed? (Make a screenshot or txt dump of the GameData folder)
  6. [Edit] Actually the table in the end has the active and passive configuration: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Berthing_Mechanism
  7. @benjee10 Could it be, that the SOCK craft files need an update to reference the new KJ-10v2 in shared assets?
  8. You do not have the latest Version of the shared Assets. Get the latest ones here: https://github.com/benjee10/Benjee10_sharedAssets
  9. Hmm... personally I would prefer to have a matching engine in the SOCK setup. Just to have the option not to have another mod just for one engine and keep dependencies low (especially as modders will now focus on KSP2).
  10. Probably would make sense to move the Rainstorm to SOCK? Then SOCK with Oranges and Photon would be independent from reDirect.
  11. Sorry, my bad. Was just looking on the last commit in https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/blob/master/GameData/KerbalismConfig/Support/HabTech2.cfg Line actually is from the original, authored by @Gordon Dry
  12. The exception on ht2_02 tankType is actually out of the KerbalismConfig. To get rid of it, just edit GameData/KerbalismConfig/Support/HabTech2.cfg at line 1790 and just uncomment (using //) -B9_TANK_TYPE[ht2_02]:NEEDS[HabTech2,B9PartSwitch,CommunityResourcePack,!ProfileNone]:AFTER[zzzKerbalismDefault] { } to //-B9_TANK_TYPE[ht2_02]:NEEDS[HabTech2,B9PartSwitch,CommunityResourcePack,!ProfileNone]:AFTER[zzzKerbalismDefault] { } @HebaruSan Not sure why this line is there? Maybe some old fix for the pre-release versions?
  13. Is there actually a way to move the config from one savegame to another?
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