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  1. Of course I like the failing and rescue missions too! But man Duna is soo much further and expensive! I’ve managed to scrape together 4 mil so the timing is now! I did work out the Duna window with trail and error nodeing! But that wasn’t fun at all so I’m okay with the that transfer window site!
  2. That’s exactly it! Thank you! Was more hoping I’d have to discover that information by getting close or using scanners, but I supposed id have even less life haha
  3. Hello fellow bedroom astronauts! TL-DR: how can I work out atmosphere heights, pressures, stuff to help me land on new bodies in game without cheat sheets? One thing I really appreciate in the game is the incredibly steep learning curve! I’m now at a stage where I’ve got orbitals, mining operations and tourist busses flying round Kerbin and it’s moons, and have sent a few probes (and one brave astronaut, RIP) to Duna and eve. I would like to take this further but need to know more about about these celestial bodies so I can build something suitable instead of getting all the wa
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