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  1. https://imgur.com/a/tesC2er Heeeelp! The mod comes up with this massive error list and I can't get rid of it D:
  2. well perhaps it breaks it if you're not using any toolbar mods.
  3. No I don't use toolbar mods and I don't want to. It breaks the mod without toolbar mods, I don't care, I sorted the issue out.
  4. gamer I linked the thread, chill. It does break, because when I added that mod, it broke trajectories, and when I removed it, trajectories was working again.
  5. This mod breaks the trajectories mod. Just thought I'd let you know.
  6. I found the culprit. It was a mod called "click through blocker" that was breaking this mod. Odd, but there it is.
  7. roughly yes, some of those in there im not using, but yeah. Also, I have extracted those already, I just showed you the zipped files so its easier to read.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/AG94ibt perhaps one of these mods is causing it to not work
  9. can you send me a screenshot of where to find this menu? I dont see it in my game, thanks
  10. The mod doesn't seem to be working. I don't see the red X that I see on youtube videos, just the usual blue orbital line. This is in 1.10.1
  11. Is there a tutorial on how to use this mod? https://imgur.com/a/uJYSRNx I'm trying to use this mod with K&K planetary base systems, but it doesn't seem to be working. I try using both those workshops, but neither of them give me an option to build onto the base?
  12. I am currently testing the test build on Moderate difficulty, career mode. Been doing since yesterday. Big commitment but a good excuse to get back into some KSP. I'll update this post as I discover bodies to let you know if everything is working well or not. EDIT 1: Well, the "search the skies for celestial bodies" works. It works with the ground telescope and the space one. The "research celestial bodies" on the other hand seems a bit buggy. I did my first one with a space telescope, it added 10% onto Moho. I did it a 2nd time, and it didn't add a percentage to anything I had discovered. It also seems slow, 10% for each 90 days you research it? I feel like it should go up 3 times instead of percentages. So that would be going up in 33% each time, making the planet look more detailed each time it is researched, and being completed at 100% when this is done 3 times.
  13. Thanks for the info! Good luck with it and I hope everything goes smoothly
  14. Hi! This mod looks really cool, and I was wondering when it will be updated to work with ksp 1.10.1? I would really like to get back into ksp later, and this mod looks like a really cool way to do that