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  1. Cool! Most of mine are remixes of his designs and all of them follow his build aesthetics, so you will find that my SSTOs look very similar when compared to his.
  2. Welcome to the KSP Forums @NH04! Take a look everywhere, and I find Matt Lowne's SSTOs much better than the ones I build.
  3. Kerbal Actuators is on CKAN, so you should probably update the homepage.
  4. You can disable them by disabling terrain scatters. They sure look the part, though.
  5. I actually don't know , but KSC Extended and Tundra Space Centre pads work normally.
  6. I can't seem to place the buildings on 1.10, (i'm on mac btw), and KK's launchsite selector shows nothing.
  7. Welcome! KirrimLabs KirrimLabs is a fast growing repository of SSTOs, and crafts are added every week/ month(depending on my ongoing projects, currently i'm working on The Upsilon Initiative. Tau Class This class is the smallest of all the SSTOs, and have relatively short range. Skylon This SSTO contains 3 1.875m service bays for deploying small satellites and CubeSats. REQUIRED MODS: TweakScale for intake and service bay ACTION GROUPS AG1 toggle RAPIER AG2 toggle RAPIER mode AG3 to
  8. Welcome to my Emporium! The RelayNet 500 This Basic Relay dispenser will carry you anywhere in Kerbin's SOI, and features a Recoverable Second stage. Bear in mind that it is not capable of splashing down. Vulkan This nimble SSTO is awesome for transporting 10 Kerbals into LKO. Action Groups ---------------------------------------------------------------- AG1 - Toggle Cargo bay and antenna AG2 - toggle RAPIERS AG3 - Toggle Nuclears AG4 - Switch modes NOTICE - There is now a block upgrade with more DeltaV and can car
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