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  1. Just a quick tip for y'all: you can use astronomer's TUFX config (found here) or Katniss' TUFX profile for a better experience (found here)
  2. If i'm not wrong the pentaborane is from RealPlume so you are fine.
  3. I liked the texturing on the buildings as well as the animations as well as having some special buildings, so it was an easy pick.
  4. How to make Corona Textures If you have GIMP, take an image of an eclipse image, something like this or thereabouts. Then, in GIMP, you can use a distort called Polar Distortion. In Polar Distortion, fiddle around with the settings until the image "unravels" and you get something like what could be used for a corona map. Credit goes to DunaManiac on Discord for this guide
  5. Situation Log Updated. I've done it! I've made my first star! anyways, this is 75% done. (I don't know how to make stellar coronas though) yay EDIT:I've switched to a "stock" corona, since It looks "better" in my opinion.
  6. RSSVE: has Clouds uses Scatterer EVO: Has footprints with Kopernicus Expansion, clouds with EVE, and best of all, Amazing Scatterer configs.
  7. Why use SLS? The ICPS has an absoloutely HORRIBLE TWR, which was why Boeing didn't use a single engine centaur for Starliner. If the RL-10 fails during ascent, your trajectry would likely be so high that the G-Forces from Re-Entry would either knock you out or outright kill you.
  8. Right now I'm creating the Deneb system from Stellaris, one of my all time favourite games. One of the starting locations is Deneb, which is the home of some lost colonists who were sent through an unstable wormhole in the Oort Cloud. Current Progress: Done? Step: [WIP] System sizing/Textures No Config File Creation No Visual Enhancements No Public Testing System Layout: Deneb (Class A "White" Star) DONE! Inferno (Molten Planet) Olympus (Gas Giant, colour is Blue) New L
  9. Random stuff from testing the new RSS EVO: Successful payload return from 1000km downrange Shuttle test filght
  10. haha i had your profile pucture for appetizer today haha so funny
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