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  1. hello! development of the first gas giant, called Olympus, is mostly completed. only some bugs to
  2. At the moment KCC is not available on CKAN, and there is already a much better mod called "CanaveralPads" which adds realistic pads!
  3. Oh nice! This mod only has "fictional" pads at the moment as well as some real ones, but i do have a real launchpads pack that works with AnticlockwisePropeller's RSS-CapeCanaveralHD, so if you're interested in getting it, to tell me! huh, that's strange. do you have logs? This is an extension to Katniss' Cape Canaveral, so this will not work without it.
  4. Hello Y'all! I'd like to announce that I'm still working on the mod, and that development is well underway. All that's left are the visuals and the Texturing of the planets. Hope to see y'all soon! oh that would be nice
  5. Hello! I'd like to tell you that LC-39A and LC-39B are incompatiable with Modular Launch Pads because of problems with the colliders and the parts clipping. However, the other launch pads work, and a quick reminder: LC-39A and LC-39B is from Katniss, and that the author of Modular Launch Pads has told us that their mod is incompatiable with Katniss' Cape Canaveral (The Extended version is compatiable though)
  6. sorry for the very late reply, but i think it'll probably work(though i havent had much time to play with KSRSS recently so idk)
  7. Just a quick tip for y'all: you can use astronomer's TUFX config (found here) or Katniss' TUFX profile for a better experience (found here)
  8. If i'm not wrong the pentaborane is from RealPlume so you are fine.
  9. I liked the texturing on the buildings as well as the animations as well as having some special buildings, so it was an easy pick.
  10. How to make Corona Textures If you have GIMP, take an image of an eclipse image, something like this or thereabouts. Then, in GIMP, you can use a distort called Polar Distortion. In Polar Distortion, fiddle around with the settings until the image "unravels" and you get something like what could be used for a corona map. Credit goes to DunaManiac on Discord for this guide
  11. Situation Log Updated. I've done it! I've made my first star! anyways, this is 75% done. (I don't know how to make stellar coronas though) yay EDIT:I've switched to a "stock" corona, since It looks "better" in my opinion.
  12. RSSVE: has Clouds uses Scatterer EVO: Has footprints with Kopernicus Expansion, clouds with EVE, and best of all, Amazing Scatterer configs.
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