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  1. EEEK just landed on moho with ur base to go to tylo with. took a bit of maneuver node tweeking but i did it
  2. ummm... any dependencies or not as i must install this right away
  3. yay here we go kerbal lovers we have a big thing coming if course it is ksp 2!!! spam pog in chat if ure so happy to have it!!
  4. @Gameslinxbig fan of ur work it is georgous
  5. hey can u add @Knes to ckan as when i added the dependency it didn't come with the parts

    1. Well


      I'm on BlackList for CKAN (by my request)

      All my mod are on the Forum, on Github, or on Spacedock.

      Knes have no dependencies required

  6. hey @benjee10i have had problems with habtech 2 i have installed it of github and spacedock multiple time and the parts dont show up so could you add it to ckan as it handles everything and also i will be able to admire your amazing work.

    yours scincerey 


  7. is it me and my mods or is my game broken as i cant buil anything like im trying to build a mun rover from scratch and my kerbal isnt welding for some reason. any tips!!
  8. matt your 2018 agency save file is incompatible with ksp stock 1.11 can u upgrade it to 1.11?

    1. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      Did you use Winrar/7zip? because yes the downloaded file will not work if you don't do that. Save files work via sfs files, you can check your own saves and see every savefile in there is sfs. there is no difference in KSP versions of what the savefile is. Sometimes savefiles will be exported via their folders (aka has the craftfiles in VAB and SPH folders and savefiles.)

  9. wow it just is... umm... uhh... amazing, speechless, incredible. also one slight thing @Nate Simpson if your reading this could you add weather like rain thunderstorms to ksp 2 as i find it really dull to have sun time round so it would be nice to have a change of scenery.
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