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  1. uh ummm.... im just gonna go cus i didnt fly safe ooof!!! also any other mods by u that are coming out??
  2. about the zephyr launch vehicle and Shetland launch site!!! i cant wait for zephyr to launch and also the Shetland launch site to be complete
  3. wat ever i create there is a thread for
  4. Talk about the slow pace of the sls and speedy orion and anything new about artemis
  5. ok just sayin my name on kerbalx is pogfrog1
  6. well done realkerbal3x that looks amazing could u give me craft file??
  7. Post your Starships here and i will rate them out of 10 and the winner will be awarded with something. idk yet as I'm figuring stuff out.
  8. actually it is only a spacex one but mine is specified only for starship
  9. talk about Starship development and upcoming launches and construction
  10. EEEK just landed on moho with ur base to go to tylo with. took a bit of maneuver node tweeking but i did it
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