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  1. to be honest i was going to suggest this to the ksp 2 development but i never actually was able to find a way of suggesting ideas which i found odd. things like tank tracks and belt systems would be pretty cool and can be used in harmony with rotors, it wouldnt require the tedious construction of janky belts, although the best part would be the tank tracks as it would add so much possibility for recreations and creativity, and i mean like where they are like hinge pieces but WAY more stable, as you could add a certain part that goes with them like a i dont know boggie and drive sprockets that can be attached to rotors. its just a suggestion and i know this will be burried among the other 100000000 suggestions but atleast hopefully someone sees this.
  2. im working to make the turrets on the ships functional but it has been a real pain and im not sure if it works in 1.9 but i can check. i will see if i and get some help from the developer of NAS and see if he can help me get these guns working, but atm the problem is that the way turrets work is they used specifically named objects of the part and i cannot change that without having a unity file for it, which i do not have. but i will work to get things moving thanks for the feedback
  3. wait so is this including all the turrets like flak and 105's and stuff like that @WaywardScythe
  4. well something iv been working on is making the turrets their own parts so you can interchange them, but yes i can do that give me a min and ill create a version with no turrets, also in that picture i have realized that i forgot to change the version of the prinz eugen i am so sorry, big brain moment, god i cant beleive i did this without checking what i would also like to know is the filter working well as i need some feedback for that. i dont know if it was just working on my end but i would just like some feedback if possible thx
  5. sorry the update is taking so long, ksp really doesnt want these animations for the propellors to work even tho iv done it time and time again
  6. ITS IN just some fixes to some collision meshes and a few tweaks and its working
  7. thanks so much i will see if i can get it too work
  8. so i am developing a mod that would really help if it had its own categories, except i have no clue how, iv tried the tutorial on the wiki but that didnt help, i have the icon made but im just terrible at this so if anyone can help it would be great thanks. BuzzFeed4Lief
  9. im generally done with it i just need to do a part i really hate, UV mapping
  10. im working on i big update that adds its own category and fixed collision meshes because right now they are terrible so it will be in fueltanks for now.
  11. go to a dropbox or something and post it or just send it through discord if you have it and if you send through discord here are my details (62 to 1#1577) @civilisedzombie
  12. can i use the info u said in the description of the part?
  13. oh i forgot @civilisedzombie can you provide the ksp log and a list of mods that where installed
  14. ok ill do a bit of mod testing to see what its compatible with and check with the janitors closet because for me it has been loading, plus i am working on adding a new subsection to ksp for it so you will be able to instantly know if it has loaded when in the VAB/SPH
  15. btw i would like to announce that im working on adding another ship to the mod. that ships is the SMS Prinz Eugen (BTW komander faul im still working on the Surcouf)
  16. did you put the zip file or the actual file in the zip because it needs to look like this because it must be unzipped (not including the HyperEdit)
  17. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gcg7z9bhrj858dp/KSP.log?dl=0 this is the log
  18. yes it did connect il send a picture and a log later as i have to do stuff rn
  19. fsr the reloadable missile rail doesnt reload when i go to the refuelling port and brake. anyone know why? also i did have missiles actually on it
  20. @Komander Faul progress on the surcouf sub still alot to do lol
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