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  1. Thx, ye I figured it out. I can just grab them with kerbals
  2. So i can stow my radial resource pod on kerbal EVA suit and mount it on radial resource pod mount? Im kinda confused how to attach radial resource pod.
  3. Hello i want to ask if radial resource pod is attachable to radial resource pod mount by docking or canadarm. Is it only attachable in VAB or is it dockable? Image here If its attachable only in VAB i cant fit the whole airlock to my shuttle
  4. Alright guys, so I solved the problem with violet screen. Opening KSP with -force-opengl is causing this problem so i deleted this in shortcut and it worked again.
  5. I will try the new 1.3.8 and hope that its gonna work properly thx for answer.
  6. I have same issue with my docking cam. Yesterday it worked fine. I was trying to get better performance in KSP by downgrading graphic settings and i think that this caused the monitor to go violet. PLS what am I supposed to do? Thx in before.
  7. Hello guys, which part is like decoupler for decoupling Crew Dragon capsule from service module? Thanks! Sorry if it was already spoken, but 120+ pages are too much on me
  8. Isn't it possible to make rotate parts attached to dual solar truss?
  9. I have a problem with duo truss. I cant attach anything on sides, i mean some grapple fixtures therefore im not able to use this part because i was planning to get it in to the orbit on shuttle and dock it with canadarm. But sadly i cant attach anything besides docking port on the of the truss. Please help
  10. That's sad i wanted to have it in my 1.10
  11. There is so small amount of mods for robotic arms. The best is IR (Infernal robotics) but its not enough and sometimes pretty wobbly. It would be great if someone make some good not wobbly parts for canadarm. This case would be best because u will be able to construct your own canadarm load it into to space shuttle and do some works on space station. Also some Canadarm2 parts for space station modules reorientation.
  12. I have a problem installing this mod. In readme file it says i need to open Windows_CopyTextures.bat but it just isnt there, also i dont know which folder of quantum struts am i supposed to copy to game data coz there are plenty of them.
  13. Can someone help me? I dont know if this is part of IR, but the style of parts are pretty same. image here
  14. Aye, maybe that's the reason. Thanks for answers, I will just replace fairing with the stock ones.
  15. I'm using the very latest github version of Tantares from Beale which was posted after i mentioned some bugs. It's a hotfix version on previous page of this thread. I'm using KSP 1.10
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