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  1. You are free to declare any dependencies. Regarding merging different mods, you need first to validate with each mod author that you are allowed to do so. So the first option is easier to start with. For an end-user without any mods, and maybe no mod manager, a modpack is probably easier to use. But as soon as the end-user has already at least one mod already installed, working with dependencies is better because conflicts can be detected and sometimes solved. So If I were in your place, I would start with dependencies. With CKAN, it is well managed. Furthermore, you may create 'soft
  2. Yeah, that's what I understood from @RealKerbal3x : it would be hard to extract but even if might still technically be possible that would be not be in compliance with the EULA. Of course. I wasn't planning on reusing the Anomy model (now, I know the right term, thanks) but using it as a reference. Thank you for the precision.
  3. So it is not a 'surface feature'. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Surface_features It could be a 'terrain scatter' but the docs are very limited. It might be possible to list scatters using the API. https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/class_p_q_s_land_control_1_1_land_class_scatter.html
  4. You could check your UV map. Assuming you have a texture, each part of the ring could be mapped to a different part of your texture file. It might not be visible without the green but with the green, the difference pops. Or it is a more subtle configuration of the shader... and it still a new topic for me. It could be linked to the way the normals of your surface are changed by your texture. With blender you can display the normal of each surface of your model in order to check what is outside vs inside. But I don't think that the issue. I don't know if there is a way to check h
  5. The glitch is the fact that the centering ring has green squares with different shades of green ? The green is created by an additional shader from my understanding. By experimenting, I know that it interacts with other shaders. So if by design, all the 'parts' of your ring have different shader values, it might be a logical result. You might want to uniformize the shader for the ring. The glitch is the fact that the mount tube have no green ? The lack of green might have a similar reason : the shader value makes it so that the green is not visible. So I am assuming the shader
  6. Hi, I would like to open this design in order to measure the size of the kraken and see its overall structure in order to be coherent for a future mod. It does not seem to be a standard mu file. Does anyone knows where it is ? In which format ? For that matter, how are the other easter egg designs stored ? See you around Duna
  7. Ah that's right ! The first picture had 'visibility issues'. I am currently keeping the changelog only on SpaceDock : https://spacedock.info/mod/2522/Duna Incubator's Habitat?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> What is important right now is more the state of the latest version. Most people probably do not ask themselves if they should upgrade. It would require to have the addon already installed. But, in short, the 0.0.1 version only had two models : small habitat and leg. The 0.0.2 version has 4 models, visible in the picture.
  8. @Cattette Thanks, I tried to find a related thread but seems like I didn't search enough. @ValiZockt Ok. It make sense. I was only using png. Thanks. I will be able to quick fix it.
  9. Hi, So I created a addon, which is hosted on SpaceDock. The image is displayed when the full page display the addon but not when searching/listing addon. Do you know what are the requirements for the small addon image ? Thanks for any hints
  10. 2nd release! But that's still a pre-alpha version.
  11. Reversing the texture did the trick. Thanks a lot. I would never have guessed. And thanks for the information about the tooltips. I am grateful for your work on the blender addon. Without it, I would never have tried to create a Kerbal mod. So thanks again.
  12. Aaah. That could explain the problem with my current version and the one I haven't published yet. Thanks a lot. Right now, I am managing my texture outside Blender so I will try flipping them. With the KSP/Specular shadder, Blender is showing two couples of X/Y inputs. What are they configuring ? Right now their values are (1,1) and (0,0).
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