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  1. .dds is not a proprietary KSP format, it's an (admittedly somewhat fubar) version of image compression used by Direct X. It has properties containing to 3D-art and is efficiently handled by GPUs. There are plugins for Gimp and photoshop. Documentation out there sucks, if you need to save materials, I suggest starting with the "dumbest" version of "color" and no compression.
  2. Here's what it looks like. I'm not particularly worried about the bump map not translating at the moment, I just need to figure out how to work with it in the game engine. I really just need accurate "PBR" (scare quotes!) representation from standard programs to KSP-weirdness. https://imgur.com/oRiddz4
  3. I've been trying to get this going for days. Is there anyone who can explain how this shader is supposed to work? I've tried every combination of channels, is the below correct? It's the best I can figure trying to look at the shader code in Parttools. The models still appear to have a complete metal or some other over-arching value applied to the gloss or specular values. Thanks all, this has been driving me nuts! Diffuse File: RGB - Diffuse map A - Gloss map Bump RGB - Normal map Specular RGB - Specular Map
  4. Oh yeah, I totally already did that the second I opened it It of course breaks all the tutorials though, so they're like, "Hit Ctrl+A!" and I'm like, "nope!"
  5. I got the old version working with the shader compiling but then I get writing errors for the .mu. I've successfully tested the Blender plugin, I guess that's what I'm going to have to resort to even though I'm not a Blender guy.
  6. I too am having issues, all of shaders are showing up "failed to compile"
  7. It says I'm using your config, specifically the Laythe one and it won't let me type text in that box to change which config.
  8. Apologies for the misunderstanding, I have the following visual mods installed, before I meant I don't have PostFX-specific mods installed which could contribute to discoloration after your shaders. I thought these mods were pretty standard for scatterer users (and don't you contribute or currently maintain the EVE mod?) All are latest versions off of freshly copied over from steam KSP install. -Astronomer's Visual Pack -Environmental Visual Enhancements -Planetshine (+default config) -Pood's Calm Nebula Skybox How do I know which config is currently being used?
  9. Solving the problem in general would certainly explain why I can't find a status update! Not sure why I'm still seeing this. 1) I'm using the default config through CKAN, pictured here: 2) The Atmo settings in the config file for Kerbin were 17 across RGB values from that download. 3) Modifying the config values to your specified settings produces this same result: 4) Kerbin in-game does in deed look different but it's still got a washed out blue tint overall compared to everyone elses (no PostFX mods installed): Potentially relevant rendering in
  10. Is there a definitive solve and/or an answer to the ice age issue at this point? This has frankly been a really frustrating issue to tackle. Not because I don't understand how open-source development works and I have unreasonable expectations, but because I've wasted days on different config files, re-installations, etc. and there's just not a straight-forward, up-to-date answer anywhere. It's really difficult to try and track it in this thread. We could use a summation from someone or an official word rather than reddit threads with deletions and no searchable/trackable threads, not even in
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