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  1. after a few tests the mod seems to be working but might still need rbalancing thank you all for the help
  2. thank you both for your help! its an amayzing comunity you have here in the forums (and sory for my english, im not native)
  3. eaven if you cant help its ok (i can understan why you dont have time) so im back to square 0 does anybody else have more tips on how to fix the mod?(because i have no idea how to)
  4. im sory to ask such a dum question, but im new to the forums how do i should aproach @linuxgurugamer? do i quote his post in the taerobee tread ?
  5. I am playing ksp 1.9.1 and i found an awsome mod caled taerobee that has been descontinued by the author and somebody has returned it to github. but aparently because it was made for an older version of the game the parts dont show in the VAB/SPH i dont know much about programing but how can i "update/fix" this mod? github: https://github.com/Peter-JY/Taerobee original forum tread:
  6. i alredy got rid of the old pats folder and there is no problem with the titan i realy love that thing so if there is a weard part that dosent belong to the Gemini program i can just use it for somethig else thanks for the suport its an awsome mod you are amazing
  7. actualy im mostly intrested in the Gemini program because i love that capsule and dont realy care about the rest of the mod (no ofence its an amazing mod but my pc takes a big while to load and i think apollo and saturnV is a bit overdone) is there a way for me to only keep the Gemini program with the lander the corona satelites the space station and the respective rokets without messing evrything up? realy sory to be ignoring your parts/peaces of art() I imagine how long it takes to make them edit: also i want to keep the atlas is a very cool rocket and i love that half-stage
  8. thanks for the help the folders i have deleted are: lauch clamps, vega, delta, centaur, atlasV in the parts folder and old parts in the main folder. if there are any folders that i shouldn't have deleted because of parts of other rokcets please warn me. realy apreciate the help thanks!
  9. i recently instaled the mod and its an absolute joy to play with but beacause its too big i have deleted the folders that contained the rockets i didnt need but now module manager shows an error at startup and some parts in the vab show as deprecated with broken textures did i delete something i shouldnt or is it something else? thanks for the help in advance pictures of error: https://imgur.com/a/qNsyLDW
  10. i'd love to see an updated version of this mod sinse the alternatives dont provide just the plane
  11. aperently there is no need for that my modpack aperently also works on 1.10.1 so just updated the game and it works awsome now
  12. well thats it I am playing on 1.9.1 thanks for the help friend
  13. hello i think i found a problem in the game fairings only apear with the three usual variants and i wanted a black one so i went in to restock files/ksp files and to modify one of the existing textures after tring to find were restock gets the fairing textures i found all the variants i wanted. but they dont apear in the game is this an ishue with restock/the game or arent these textures been implemented yet?
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