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  1. yes i did miss it lol thanks for telling me i tried to use w and kept going up
  2. hm, maybe is it because there is a hight limit to use it?
  3. ok nevermind, i dont know why it didnt work last time but it works now. Thanks!
  4. thanks, but when i press R while in EVA, the RCS doesn't light up. do you know the cause of this? @Streetwind
  5. ok so i know im asking a lot of questions but im new and i want to know more about this game lol, so the question is how do i use RCS thrusters on a kerbal, because sometimes i cant get back on my ship and i cant put my experiments back in the ship, i also sometimes float away in space and cant get back on my ship. so i was wondering because i have seen people use RCS on kerbals so how do i do that?
  6. thanks for telling me, ill try now to improve to be better and able to do stuff like him.
  7. i dont think so, he put a lot more fuel tanks so he had more fuel, maybe he stacked them in or did something because he could go very far compared to normal
  8. ok, so i was talking about the 2nd rocket he made and also the 4th, he can make it to minmus, the mun and back and i can barely make orbit with that rocket, so i was wondering is it an addon hes using or some technique because he had so much more fuel than me and i made the exact same rocket as him.
  9. ok so i was looking at a video on how to get science fast and he added a lot of fuel so his rocket had a lot more fuel, but when i do the same thing it has no difference if i put 1 fuel tank, so i was wondering is it an addon or is this an older version of the game?
  10. thanks guys for the help its fixed my problems!
  11. why when i press space it decouples the top decoupler instead of launching/decoupling the bottom one? i cant have side boosters because of this and its really annoying
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