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  1. I bet I could get under 0.03 funds per science with a very small change to the current mission But I probably won't unless someone else submits some runs to this challenge
  2. Ok here's my new mission. Again I left tons of room for improvement. I didn't need to bring that extra rocket fuel tank at all, and I could have made the SSTO much smaller also. CSC-2 costs 51364 funds in VAB and is recovered for 50852 funds, for a total cost of 512 funds. Using many gravity assists, it performs flybys of Mun, Minmus, Eve, Jool, Tylo, Laythe, Vall, Bop, and Pol, before returning to Kerbin. I left a good amount of science on the table also - gravity scans above Mun biomes, all science near Eve due to a timewarp glitch, and gravity scans above Eve biomes were all missed. It
  3. I just wing it lmao, that's what I do for almost all of my gravity assists. The one exception is if I'm timing an interplanetary transfer, and then I like to use Mechjeb's maneuver planner.
  4. Ok so I'm doing another attempt at this challenge, going to try to get under 0.05 funds per science. The first expedition has many gravity assists. Mun assist -> Eve -> Kerbin and Mun -> Kerbin -> Jool From Jool, low Tylo assist -> Laythe -> skim the top of Jool's atmosphere Then, Laythe aerogravity assist to Vall, then back to Laythe, then I'll try for Bop or Pol
  5. Working on another all liquid fuel jool 5 that uses only one nuke and one rapier
  6. Here's my STS-2a mission (I didn't do STS-2b since this shuttle already has a bit of difficulty landing - an extra 40t fuel pod would make it really hard) Launch. I have two smaller boosters. This will probably be the configuration for almost all of the STS missions from here. Nuclear engines are lit right before the boosters are detached. The shuttle continues to orbit. At 48km I reach orbital velocity and continue burning all the way to GTO. Three comsats, each with an orbital maneuvering package, two antennas, and solar panels Shut
  7. STS 1a and 1b: This craft is inspired by the Reaction Engines Skylon. It can go SSTO with a sizeable payload by itself but that's not this challenge. So I added two side boosters, each with three Rapier engines and one Vector engine. The flight profile is pretty simple. As soon as the craft gets off the runway, I toggle the rockets just long enough to get to a speed where I can maintain level flight (~220 m/s or so). Then I keep the nose at 5 degrees until I reach about 750 m/s, at which point I pitch up to 15 degrees. (750 m/s is approximately where the Rapier engines reac
  8. https://imgur.com/a/26nvnxN I ended up using 1168 funds and recovering 11649 science, for 0.10 funds per science. Time to optimize and try again
  9. Part 2 of the mission: Wow, Jool's moons have way more science than I was expecting. The second expedition got gravity assists from Eve and Kerbin before flying by Tylo, Laythe, Vall, and Pol. (I didn't have enough fuel to visit Bop). The second flight of the probe gained 7775 science, for a total so far of 11566.5 science. 1124 liters of liquid fuel have been used so far, and 170 liters of oxidizer. That's a total of 929.8 funds worth of fuel, for a value (so far) of 0.08 funds per science. I think I'll stop here and just return home. And I've realized that I can probably cut t
  10. Nah, a lab can be anywhere and process data anywhere, but you get a bonus for being in the same place
  11. I'm trying a lab-less strategy right now which might take a while. I have a small cargo SSTO in low Kerbin orbit and an even smaller space probe that can run around the solar system and collect science. The Kerbin ascent used 984 liters of liquid fuel in order to deliver 1208 liters of liquid fuel, a space probe, and 968 liters of oxidizer into orbit. The space probe has capacity for 72 liters of liquid fuel and 88 liters of oxidizer, meaning that it can fly out 11 times before we need to return to Kerbin. The first expedition of the space probe flew by Mun, Minmus, Duna, and Ike. I
  12. Honestly I think the best way to do this is with the mobile science lab in LKO, a fuel tank, and a small efficient probe. The probe flies around, could even go interplanetary, collecting science and bringing it back to the lab, where it's multiplied before being transmitted back home
  13. I used solar panels for my liquid fuel Jool 5 mission since I wasn't using electric props. I think that for the spirit of the challenge, any electricity used for propulsion has to be generated with a Nerv, but any electricity not used for propulsion doesn't need to.
  14. https://imgur.com/a/c6dqdzW 170 science gained. Since this was a SSTO mission with no parts lost, the only costs are fuel costs. The mission used 165 liters of liquid fuel which costs 0.8 funds per liter, and 101 liters of oxidizer which costs 0.18 funds per liter. Total mission cost is 150 funds, for 0.88 funds per science. @DRAG0Nmon Am I calculating this correctly?
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