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  1. This reminds me somewhat of the 100 EC range challenge, where it was demonstrated that you can fly basically forever on a single Z-100 battery. As an aside, will we be allowed to use a turboshaft engine if no liquid fuel is consumed? My plan is to use one as a ram air turbine - have it passively spinning so its alternator will generate electricity.
  2. For the record, HoDeok was able to get a craft stable in the "Landed at Jool" state by transferring a craft in the landed state all the way to Jool. Notably, this effect will transfer between crafts - a craft landed on an already-landed Jool platform will also be landed. So you can indeed get surface science from Jool. Likely this is what the OP was thinking about, but it's a pretty niche mechanic and I don't fault everyone here for not knowing about it. Edit: Apparently they were thinking about something else entirely. But the challenge is definitely possible, if a bit tedious.
  3. I use either 0 or 5 degrees because I'm too lazy to install a precise editor
  4. Funny you should say that. If you go into the advanced part lists widget in the VAB and sort by size, you'll see the old Spark and the new Spark. It wasn't removed or changed, just hidden and a completely new part was added. This was to preserve backward compatibility. I've never had a reason to use the old Spark in a mission, but if I ever need to, it's still there.
  5. OndrikB and moar ssto produced a very nice video showcasing a craft like this.
  6. Good catch, I forgot that the Spark took that much of an Isp hit at sea level
  7. Not sure what I want to do next in KSP, but it'll probably involve some Minmus gravity love.
  8. I'm probably being too petty here but I had someone argue that a rocket with 5200 delta-v cannot go to the Mun and back. It was your standard fare of "It takes 3400 m/s to get to orbit" and "you need 800 m/s to land on Mun" etc, etc. But this is what made me want to actually do this mission: So, tac, here you go! Craft in VAB. 5114 vacuum delta-v and 4510 surface delta-v. There's some part clipping and aero trickery going on here, but no sources of free energy. Journey to Mun: Landed on Mun with almost 900 m/s of delta-v remaining. More than enough to get home Return trip: Landed back on Kerbin! Margin looks tight, but as explained above, it's probably more permissive than it seems. Total vacuum delta-v spent is 5114 - 54 = 5060 m/s. (Thanks to @Poppa Wheelie for the correction - 46 m/s as shown in the last screenshot is from sea level). My best estimate for delta-v actually spent (based on Mechjeb's readings) is 2372 + 70 (ascent and circularization) + 2546 - 54 (vacuum dv spent) = 4934 m/s.
  9. Instead of mechjeb trying to maintain a certain speed and altitude, it's probably best to just punch the throttle to max and leave it there for the duration. This ensures that you're as close as possible to the far right end of the engine's mach curve, so you get the most speed for the least thrust. Also you'll fly higher which translates to lower thrust. Actually, this isn't quite true. On my jet engine endurance mission, I ended up flying so high that the Rapier started to flame out at full throttle, so I had to throttle back. This still led to improved efficiency however, as I could still operate at the Rapier's limit. However, one possible improvement would be to have wings in cargo bays, so I could take off and then reduce lift for cruising.
  10. Here's my Class 2 entry - 14236 m: On runway. A Kerbal has unreasonably high drag so that's why I included the fairing - I can actually get better height with the extra mass. I tried to balance this craft but for some reason a command seat's center of mass changes when a Kerbal is in it, and this change isn't reflected in the VAB. This means that Kerbal Engineer's thrust torque readout doesn't work either, so I had to do this with pure trial and error. Mite burns out 14236 meter max height I rearranged the staging on the fly so a single staging event deploys both the fairing and parachute. Chute deployed Landed
  11. This same style of gravity assist is useful for capturing around any body where your encounter velocity is greater than escape velocity and aerobraking isn't possible. This includes: -Moho -Gilly -Mun and Minmus -Ike -Dres -Bop and Pol -Eeloo Vall and Tylo aren't on this list because with proper use of gravity assists, it's possible to encounter them already on an elliptical orbit, so additional deep space maneuvers won't help. Edit: It turns out that I hadn't reexamined my assumptions about Mun in a while, it's likely that you don't need deep space maneuvers. But they certainly help.
  12. I feel like the reason for the RS-25s was that they were upgraded to produce slightly more power, but their "rated power" remained the same?
  13. Well this does actually exist at a smaller level, for example the space shuttle would lift off running at 104% thrust on the RS-25s and if I remember correctly they could go to 110%
  14. It seems like you have just discovered that you can basically cheat using the kal controller so you're spamming as many challenges as possible with it. You seem to have missed the "challenge" part of challenges
  15. This isn't a difficult or fun challenge, I was expecting an actual low mass grand tour challenge. Excluding eve is quite a bit of a cop out in grand tours because it's the hardest planet to take off from. Also allowing kal exploits makes the entire thing trivial, as you've probably already concluded.
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