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  1. Hi people. So i am getting this on my log file: I only wanna know if this is normal or not. Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wEcGzJWNivzCp4n8lOPMto5OBGpS7qpo/view?usp=sharing Mod list: Advanced Jet Engine (AdvancedJetEngine v2.15.0) Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack 1.4.2) Ferram Aerospace Research Continued (FerramAerospaceResearchContinued 3: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued (KerbalJointReinforcementContinued v3.5.1) Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier (Kopernicus 2:release-1.8.1-1) ModularFlightIntegrator (ModularFlightIntegrator
  2. Edit: problem fixed. The text below dont matter anymore So, i am actually having a big error. yestarday i made a new vassel (the third one) and i started to build it using ktc of course. Today (half hour ago) i load my game and my craft just disappear (i saved it for sure) but KCT is still building it. besides two of my crafts just changed their color to the same one for no reason. Here is my log. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfeu-l_5_kZEnd1uKkuqYwE-Y-ZXdJnw/view?usp=sharing Also my saves: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L_WCJ6J9OcIJIPLAnmSQrwxSOwOtWEks/view?usp=sha
  3. I am getting the same error using hp tanks with very stable indicator as well. I fixed the problem push down the fuel thanks to ullage engines, but i am not sure if this should be necesary using steel hp tanks. I dont know if it is an error. In case of afirmative answer of course i will post the log here after work. I just wanna confirm. Sorry for my english.
  4. Como dije antes, estoy recibiendo una cantidad importante de fallas incluso siguiendo la guía.
  5. Buenas. He estado preguntando en la sección común del foro, pero no he tenido suerte con el tema que menciono en el título. Así que si alguien de por aquí me puede pasar su GameData con los mods, estaría bien. Sé que hay una guía y demás, pero cada vez que lo intento acabo con un montón de nullreferences y mil cosas más. Y de verdad que lo intenté un montón de veces. Estoy incluso a punto de rendirme con KSP, porque me paso más tiempo lidiando con problemas que jugando.
  6. Hi. I have a question: how you guys reach the orbit with 30% of science or less? You need atleast two engine nodes ( for the big engine with gimbal and the second one for the vacuum engine if you are playing with bluedogs parts) and other for tanks and decouplers. However, even walking through the ksc i can't get enough science. Of course, this is just a question and not a problem with the best tech tree ever made.
  7. KSP: 1.8.1 64 bits Problem: when i am building a new ship i start to get "[KCT] Attempting to take control of launch button" and, when i rollout a ship to the launch site, i start to get "[KCT] Rolling out, 2 to: LaunchPad". I already tried playing with 1. 10 and 1.4, but the same happens, but i had deleted the game folder manually and using steam before make this post. Magicore, of course, is installed. I tried manually and using ckan to be sure (in differents moments eventaully). Maybe it's a problem with some cache file lost on my PC or something like that. Mods installed:
  8. Well, aparrently i need to enable an option and then the game will generate the damn log. Sorry dude. Here is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uag2KsY5foyAtsPY5aS4RaYagsN0tF4r/view?usp=sharing I am using ksp 1.10, but it's also happens using 1.8.1 and 1.8.0
  9. First of all, sorry for my english. I have been having this error: "error loading KCT data". You had been watching a tons of those ss. It happens the whole time when i load a scenary. also, when i recover a rocket from the ksc menu multiple times, the ship icon just stuck on my screen even on the main menu. sorry but i don't have enough time (you know, job) to get this error again. I am playing on 1.8.1. i understand that you don't have the obligation to change code for an old version, but maybe the fix is easy and i am doing something wrong. Also here is a ss from CKAN and the console.
  10. De momento no, quería comprobar si alguien lo recibía para no ocupar tiempo por algo que puede ser normal.
  11. Buenas. En los últimos días empecé a recibir un registro en 1.4.1 y necesito confirmar si es normal, porque no lo había visto y cuando aparece los clicks no se registran durante unos segundos. Eliminé los mods que utilizaba, pero continúa ocurriendo. Publicaré solo la parte del .log en la que ocurre en un spoiler. No es realmente grande, así que no vale la pena colocarlo en un archivo para descargar. En todo caso lo curioso es que el registro señala que la nave fue cargada, pero en realidad nunca la volví a cargar y sigo trabajando con la misma nave.
  12. I added the output ago one hour, but thanks. Apparently I just needed to disable the hidden files.
  13. I am getting a error when me launch a ship with procedural parts (xenon tanks, liquid tank, etc). The number of errors depend of the number of parts. For some reason i only can get KSP.log and i cant find output.log. Edit: don't worry, was finded. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15Ux3T4UXs23Ppd9RcIPTPIrzQeWj3TLa https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pAHANU6QODjyokIpEW8qX6OxBOBb6ycD
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