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  1. a planet coming soon near you... follow the breadcrumbs because I'll be slowly revealing concepts over the course of the next few weeks Also, announcement about the Question and Answer with Devs on our official discord... That is taking place THIS weekend, so if you don't want to miss out on some information we will be discussing in a stage channel and answering questions then go to our front page here on the KSP forum and join our discord! We'd be happy to have you! (also we post a lot more concept art, in game planets, ideas, etc and are much more active on there than on these forums!) Images exclusive to the discord server such as: so why not join?
  2. Sneak peek Currently we are working on Duna as well as some extra-Kerbolar content.
  3. cd C:\Users\WabiSabiDev\Coming\Soon\tease.mp4 uploading. uploading.. uploading... Oh what's this? An official youtube channel where you can find our teasers? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9jZIIQ2iVxRLTmAKp2A1w
  4. I forgot to say because I was tired the teaser for Salara is a real place......
  5. Just a teaser concept art that may allow yourself to potentially figure out or think about the planet concept
  6. Concept art...prepare for an exotic and interesting world....
  7. Forged in fire at 0.14AU... Emissive lava falls, rivers, and oceans. Land here with caution...and some radiators...
  8. Hey what's up everyone? First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe its already 2022. That is absolutely insane to me. Anyways, I'm here to update you all that we need some new fresh talent to help with Wabi Sabi. I know a few of you are following development closely and would maybe like the chance to leave your own contributions or mark on the mod. We are specifically looking for people who: Bring fresh new concepts to the table Believe that every single body holds an opportunity No filler, only high quality content LOVE science Have some knowledge or ability to create and work on add-ons for the mod to add some cool functions to the mod. Relatively active (however if you make large contributions and then go radio silent for a while that's fine too lol) For now have a fresh link to the Wabi-Sabi discord server, and a link to the application form. Hope to talk to some of you soon! -Bendy https://discord.gg/Y8vtRvyVBN https://forms.gle/eAXoocdjuvpMuAVV8
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not saying you're wrong but I'm also not saying you're right
  10. Maybe It's still evolving...there is more and more being posted in our discord Lun is in a barycenter with the Mun This is not the Mun or Lun...
  11. Breaking news: We come bearing some holiday news! Firstly, progress has been made. We have had, both me, smusha, clonos, and other devs have had real life obligations which obviously take priority over this mod. However, since winter break has begun for many, we can finally deliver some patiently awaited news. Kerbin is in its final development stages! We have the majority of terrain work done, but we are making some adjustments to biomes, and freshening things up even more! The Hairope ring is being further developed, and things are coming along nicely on that front. Lastly, the Mun and Lun, (two new objects that exist close, but not too close to Kerbin) have been developed! On the Mun you'll find vast dark mares, mountainous terrain, ejecta, and craters, with water ice and helium3 galore. On the Lun you'll find something a little more exotic...vast quantities of uranium and sulfur...thats all I can say about it. The Kerbol system, our current focus is being remastered completely, with some new additions being thrown in as well (outer and inner planets)! Look out for updates on that in the future. We also have been doing loads of conceptualizing for other solar systems, and we are excited to get working on those! If you want more frequent updates like this please join our discord server: https://discord.gg/ez324K9EwK That's all for now. While you wait please enjoy the below pictures!
  12. Just to provide some updates: We are working on some really interesting stuff right now. Stay tuned. While we may seem dormant on here, there is plenty in the works and we do not want to release these ideas before they are done properly baking and marinating. We need to execute them right. If you want to stay informed about the progress, and ask any questions the best place to do so is our discord! https://discord.gg/ez324K9EwK Regarding secrecy: I can outline a few core reasons why we DO NOT want any leaks: a) Ripple-effect. Imagine we told you we were making planet X with planet X features, and it was in heavy in-development phases. The planet is still being made unique etc. In this scenario, we reveal our concept for this idea. What happens? That was a rhetorical question, I'll tell you. People get inspired off of that idea (not necessarily the problem at play), but it's that we created the original idea, we want to be the first iteration out there with said idea, so another mod maker doesn't nab the creative concept, run with it, and rush it to release, and then WE get called out for "copying y-modders amazing idea". b) SPOILERS! We do not want to spoil our surprises for you. Why? It's quite simple, we want every player of the mod to actually experience the discovery, surprise, and intrigue when discovering what Wabi-Sabi holds. This extends to theorycrafting and hyping up ideas. If someone for example, sees a screenshot, tells everyone that they know what the planet is and its going to be x y and z, and then it's not, then you are causing people to become disappointed with the final result. Similarly to a lot of games releasing nowadays, people pull random ideas from thin air, and manufacture massive unsubstantiated rumors that creates the atmosphere of over-expectations and a result of underwhelming delivery. c) We do not want to release information that may or may not be subject to change. When we release information, teasers etc, we should at least have an >85% level of confidence as to if it will be included in release, or if the object or subject is going to be vastly changed, or just tweaked for refinement.
  13. If you guys were excited before I hope you are all ready to see the revamped, all new Kerbin. Sneak peaks: https://pasteboard.co/nKZwyDDQRFUV.png https://pasteboard.co/A9jXHo3jK66A.png Sorry for the heavy watermarking but there has been plenty of content theft in this community already. This has already made it in game, and is in the process of being polished.
  14. My appendix vermicularis size has increased by 5.2 inches after making this mod making my appendix vermicularis 800 inches in length Thank you smusha! (I downloaded this mod 153.846154 times)
  15. Just to let you know, its fixed. You need to delete two of the patch files, the last two.
  16. I have a problem with Extrasolar. I love the mod, but for some reason, when using Galaxies Unbound Stellar Odyssey, Extrasolar breaks the sun flares in the Kerbolar system. I don't want to have to remove the Valentine system from my game, but at this point I am debating doing so or not because of this issue. Apparently the devs have tried to fix this for a while now, but to no avail nothing gets fixed. They say it is on your end @AndrewDraws, and I just want to get this figured out. If you want to get this figured out and help me out, please contact me via Discord, I am "Bendy Snowball#3661" Thanks in advance, I hope you can help with this issue
  17. Hello! I was trying to develop and test my new interplanetary rocket and ran into a slight issue. For some reason whenever I try to activate my NERVA engine on my rocket everything disappears and the game crashes By disappear I mean if I am looking at Kerbin while in orbit, and then I activate the engine every just disappears, the only thing I can see is the skybox, and the game crashes. Any ideas? Also, here is the link to my KSP.log file My log file starts when I unpause the game and activate my NERVA engine, which then causes my game to crash as seen in the rest of the log file. https://pastebin.com/9JdHu9ej Thanks in advance
  18. Oh my god I didn't expect a response, let alone multiple responses so soon! I love this community so much, thank you guys for everything! Thank you @Lisias, and @Kane Kerman for the help, you guys are saints!
  19. Need help, fatal error, showstopper error 34. Just happened out of nowhere. As soon as I got it I stopped playing the game and made a backup of my game. Here is a google drive link to my log file (its super long) Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MogEBCZLvsvudIAb2AziAhvanNcapTHU/view?usp=sharing. Any help is appreciated thanks.
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