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  1. I'm really sorry to disappoint but me and smusha have really had a change of heart when thinking about Wabi-Sabi and dealing with the KSP community in general. This may seem like a cop-out but honestly we really despise what the Kopernicus and KSP community as a whole have become. The levels of toxicity we have had to deal with just for developing and sharing a passion we have for astrobiology, astronomy, exoplanetary science and of course our passion for KSP is just sad. We're moving on from this mess not because the goals were unachievable (frankly the biome system is easy to implement, political system of hazbiomes and different countries to play as via different configs, the pseudo-axial tilt project, and of course the planets), but because we've thought it over and it wasn't worth it, for our mental health and for our lives (we have lives outside of this as well!). I need to focus on both my college education I'll be having soon and my relationship more and I plan on volunteering in Ukraine over the summer to help my people, while smusha wants to focus on his own passions in modding and design, not to mention the collaborative project he has now with Gemini (him and helio). Most importantly though: we don't have a purpose for doing this any longer. This is not really about the far and few between sad pathetic excrementsheads who really have nothing better to do than sit online 24/7 who thrive on vitriol and toxicity. This is about our own lives and really about us as people. The real question is about release at this point; will this mod ever release? Potentially. Smusha and I might put it out here on this forum page in an inexplicable amount of time so keep watching this thread. And who knows, maybe we'll make a return coming soon in 2023™. Oh, and if people really care enough to make drawings and stupid excrements posts about "wAbi-SaBi enD1!1!" you are only proving our points.
  2. We're back. Smusha's PC is somewhat back in order. I'm making the color maps now. He is making new height maps and we are working on new planets. At the end of the day real life (like me preparing and getting my college arrangements in order, and passing the IB DP program) are much more important than a planet mod. But...regardless we have come back now and are going to do what we set out to do now, without as many hinderances in our personal lives we faced before. Now of course these are just claims that we've been working. We could easily say that without meaning it. But, instead I'll provide some screenshots of what we are currently working on. This is Vall. Anyways sorry for the hiatus but we're much more active on discord. (https://discord.gg/bRuaC7Tt7H) Oh also another thing: we've been overhauling certain concepts such as Yinshi and joining a bunch of the unique ideas we had into larger ideas. Furthermore, we've been working on lore. See below for the map I made of Kerbin. Oh yeah, if you thought Ace Combat's Strangereal was insane then just you wait for this. This is only a portion of the map. The rest is highly work in progress. There is a rich history we have been developing, and we're excited to share it with you. Don't worry, this won't be a one post and then nothing for months situation. This is the start of new quality and intensified work on the mod. We'll be sharing more soon.
  3. Short and sweet update: The reason why there has been a lack of development is due to technical issues on smusha's end. His PC is in the shop and he'll have an update by Thursday this week (which we'll post on our discord: https://discord.gg/sXWPMgyS). As much as I would have loved to meet the dates originally proposed, in light of new current information we again have to push back. I hate that I have to do this, trust me. On the bright side: most of Kerbol is completed. We only need to finish out the remainder of the Joolean moons, Gilly, and Dres/main belt analogue system. We are close, and we are making the final push. You might have noticed: what about Yon, Eeloo, or Minmus? Yon is a difficult body to create and will require intricate work to get it right. Similarly, Eeloo needs to be done right the first time. We have Eeloo made, but (spoilers!): Minmus is a similar story but we largely have not started dev on it yet. The "pre-Genesis" release will lack these bodies. We'll then work on completing these bodies in conjunction with Erabu (which only contains ~3-4 planned bodies, so it should release quickly.) Then we'll go from there. There is also one burning question we have been getting and also have been thinking about: "what about KSP 2?" KSP 1 won't die with KSP 2, and if anything we look forward to KSP 2 so wee can properly implement the Wabi-Sabi experience we've been seeking to create. The new atmospheric features, weather, localized scatters and higher quality surface features are HIGHLY appealing to us. TLDR; this mod is not dead...we are working through some technical problems unrelated to the mod itself.
  4. Naming competition held on our server is over. Neb, a fanmade name has been chosen for this minor moon of Jool.
  5. I'm not a native Ukrainian but ~50% of my lineage is (including my mom a native Ukrainian). I have family in Kyiv right now Thank you
  6. Hey, sorry for being so quiet recently. It's been a mixture of school, and personal family issues (including the invasion of Ukraine, which has personally taken a large toll on myself and my family living there). However, I'd like to finally announce some big news. First off, the Kerbol system is nearing completion! We only have a few more bodies to refine before we can declare it mostly* complete. *Eeloo, Eve, Minmus, Gilly and some of the Joolian moons are still on the backburner Second off, we do have progress! Yon is actively being developed along with its moon, Kyu. No pictures to show (yet). Third, Duna and Ike have had a major overhaul. Like, a major update, including but not limited too: A handdrawn, hand-detailed map blended with a mix of amazing real data from Mars. Unique regions and biomes A long history for you to uncover. Dust storms (which can cover massive regions at a time!), as seen in the images below Ike: Finally, we have something big to announce... We have a few playtests planned coming soon! Kerbol playtest will come first, followed by an Erabu playtest (non-public, only available on our server). Finally the alpha release: Genesis That will be coming sooner rather than later! Thank you for all the support so far and thank you for being patient! - Wabi-Sabi Development Team
  7. Another Q and A done! Remember to join our server to attend the fourth one! https://discord.gg/ZMwtDwxG
  8. [SENTICO_ARRAYsatcomstat:: SAT_array{1,2,4,5,6,7a,9c}online] [SENTICO_ARRAYincomingdetect:: identifyHz :: 3e+10Hz :: autoUnitconvert > GHz :: 30GHz] [SENTICO_ARRAYmsgRecievePctl:: SAT_array1 :: SAT_array2 :: SAT_array4 :: SAT_array5 :: SAT_array6 :: SAT_array7a :: SAT_array9c:: Hz = 3e+10] [SENTICO_ARRAYalignoverridemodes:: decl :: f] [SENTICO_ARRAYmsgRecieve :: encode] 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 hint: the above is not gibberish.
  9. Come join us THIS Sunday for our third Q and A session! We'll be answering questions about the future of this mod as well as about the new content we are currently in the process of making, and our latest content we have been working on. https://discord.gg/A8D89AX9?event=945575357682184222
  10. Hiya. It's been a while hasn't it? Don't worry, we haven't been dormant and unproductive. We've been busy. Specifically, on our discord server (https://discord.gg/UbVDraj2), we held a poll on Jool's colors and texture, as well as have been busy with working on the outer solar system. Also: did you know we also have a roadmap? https://trello.com/b/JSUcUvyj/wabi-sabi-public-development-roadmap Yup. Anyways, enjoy the pictures below. These are of Jool and the Nil Barycenter! Jool in all of her splendor. Introducing...the Nil barycenter! A trinary cluster of TJOs (trans-Joolian objects). Sneak peek of Eric with Matmat hanging out in the background...
  11. not really smh the features Laythe has will be revealed shortly but its much more exotic while also sharing key traits Io has
  12. Introducing... T h e t i s Pan-oceanic planet, with little to no surface area. Only surface area are sandbars and polar ice caps. 1.8G, super Kerbin. Life thrives here on top of guyot regions and even with the extreme depths (over 20km deep). The sea beds in the great open regions are empty aside from the zooplankton and phytoplankton that inhabit the regions, along with their predators, living deep under water, feasting upon said microscopic life. The guyot regions, sometimes huge, sometimes relatively small, are packed to the brim with life. Life here are found in highly complex ecosystems, with coral, prey fish, predators, and top predators, home to all trophic levels. The life here may or may not have non-carbon based biochemistry (you'll see).
  13. Salara Salara has a few unique features. - A hydrosphere and hydrocycle that last multiple decades to complete (hence why evaporation takes many decades). - Abundance of salt - Massive seas of unevaporated rain on some salt flats. - High topographical variety; From mountains and desert plateaus to sprawling salt flats. - An interesting ancient history of possibly having global oceans and left over coral formations from this ancient era. The seas and lakes found are extremely massive horizontally, but vertically they only have a depth up to waist-height of a kerbal, meaning kerbals can wade through the water, as well as vehicles. Hypothetically these would create the largest mirrors found naturally occurring. Some biomes have varying compositions, such as salt with different trace compositions (magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium), leading to the salt having a pink hue. Current attached images are indev and not the most up to date. The newest have the lakes added as seen below:
  14. Wallpaper - 1440p Moho color map overhaul. Sorry we've been overall radio silent on the forums. We are highly active on discord.
  15. https://discord.gg/GsFKUMqJ?event=938844200055767110 OUR SECOND LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER IS STARTING IN 6 MINUTES!
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