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  1. (I am playing a up to date install with both dlcs.) When I go into the VAB I can place a few parts then the game goes broken. The first time I can place down 2 parts, then I select a third part but the snap joints disappear without a trace, so i press down again to drop the part, and then I cant interact with it in any way. I get another part to see if that was just a 1 time glitch, but it turns out no, so I try to throw it away, but it hovers over the first dropped parts and it duplicates again and again, totally breaking all functionality. I cant launch or save or exit, the only thing I can do is make more parts that will inevitably duplicate, so I use alt + F4, and I re-install KSP. The next time it seems to be going ok, until I begin to build the second stage. It then instantly glitches again ( except for the hover duplication glitch) and so I alt + F4 again. What should I do to fix it, if it can be fixed? (IDK how to upload photos so if you who sees this knows how, please do tell)
  2. granted. but they are so ugly your brain melts and your eyes fall out of your head I wish for honest to goodness oxygen, no poison, nothing wrong with it.
  3. bad news, due to my bad computer i dont know what happened but it is worse than before my game crashes reguarly, so i have sadly stopped doing a mission report
  4. lol thats the sheet i used 3733
  5. 3719 is it fine if we use a chart for primes?
  6. sadly, due to snowy weather and a whole lot of homework, i will have to postpone the next update by a week.
  7. 1952: AHH WHY DOES MY COMPUTER CRASH!!! Liftoff! it is another year, and, a new adventure for the agency. We liftoff with our new rocket, The beetle 1. our main separation. we separate, with the important stuff staying at the top, where the parachute is. aint that beautiful we coast to apoapsis, with a bunch of freshly gained science. we parachute down, and we get SCIENCE GALORE!! with (yet) another rocket on the pad, we launch the ant 1 downrange. we can see the camera on top we start our gravity turn (not shown in picture) and we are going down range... at this rate, it isn't enough though. Well, at least it looks good! We seperate from the main rocket and coast to apoapsis, and fall... and we come down with a nice splash. after coming out with 10 science gained, we look in the r&d section and... we click the non rp-1 parts. The screen goes black, and the unity crash reporter comes out AARGH!!!! well, all i can say is that it is 1953 already, and a short recap... Rockets launched: 2 Successful launches: 1 Failed launches: 0 Partially failed launches: 1 Thats it, and see you in another 2 weeks, in 1953!
  8. i built a Soyuz rocket in RO, and at around 17,000 meters it self destructed. My kerbal jumped out but the parachute wouldn't deploy... he crashed at 200 meters per second.
  9. He’s gray because I’m using humanstuff, And that’s how gene looks now.
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