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  1. Dont know. But didi you know that ELO stand for Electric Light Orchestral?
  2. I would like this. It would be nice to see what players name certain geological features.
  3. Did you knwo the first forums game is 57 years old?
  4. Yes. OSme companies are over 500 years old. Even buildings in japan are over 300 years old.
  5. Didi you know there are some companies older than the USA?
  6. WHy is everyone confused why I cant use this song in my YouTube videos until 2077.
  7. This. ELO is the best. However I wish I could use it for one of my upcoming KSP videos. How I cant. I cant use it until 2077. I hope someone in the future likes it.
  8. Welcome to the forum game, did you know. The point of this game is to post a fact about a random thing, time, or anything. Post your random facts here. And remember to follow all forums guidelines. Ill start first. Did you know songs from 1924 are copyright free now?
  9. I might use this song from 1924 for my next KSP music videos. All songs from 1924 are now copyright free.
  10. Many parts released before version 0.18 have been retextured and updated. But did you notice that the LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor hasn't been retextured yet? If you go back to previous versions its also the same. And many KSP players use it a lot. It has great efficiently and therefore good for long flights to other planets. I think its now time for the LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor to get a texture revamp.
  11. A Jool 7 could only happen if: Dive in Jool Land on Laythe Land on Tylo Land on Vall Land on Bob Land on Pol And hit a asteroid around Jool
  12. Does anyone know the Minecraft Replay Mod? its a mod that lest you replay you playing but you can see your self doing it. Well. Im not sure if this is possible or not but, can or is there a mod like this for KSP?
  13. I might do a Jool 5 this weekend. but I'm now considering sending a base stadium to Minmus to play some baseball.
  14. I like soup. I have a subreddit. If you would like to bring back KSP challenges on reddit go here and vote:
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