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  1. Hanging 100 part bases coming soon to a place near you! Or you make one. Something like that, I guess.
  2. Excellent threads and they deserve the credit and fame they disserve. Excellent work guys. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza.
  3. it would be see to cool old puslar star systems, with few planets
  4. Or burn marks from leaving.
  5. Hey @Sparffles! You can switch the modes on the navball by clicking on the speedometer just above the navball. It goes in a cycle of surface, orbital, and target (only when you have selected a target.). I hope you find this informative and helpful.
  6. I sent a base to Laythe a few days back. Not exactly today but. Huh. Close enough.

    New video guys! I sent a base to Laythe.

  8. There should be a petition for this. I have the same problems too and love to see a dark mode.
  9. Thou shall strap more boosters if a rocket doesn't ascend.
  10. I already have so much in mind for this mission. Kerbin Orbital Observation of the Asteroid, two probes. One hits the asteroid and one observes the collision and after effects. Maybe an SSTO? Oh my! Too many ideas!!!!!!!!! (Drowning in ideas).
  11. Okay. Im going to do this. I like hitting space rocks.
  12. Made a Duna SSTO and landed. But then I realized my TWR was below 0.4 and I gotta start all over.
  13. Has anyone tied the rocket at the end of the video? When the rocket reaches to destination is that when the videos will end?
  14. Someone is preparing an army? Well then. Here we go. We mobilize..... 50 Infantry Battalions (each with 50,000 soilders)... And 20 tanks forces... On my hill.
  15. I make a small army on my hill.
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