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  1. I had this issue too, Im so glad someone made a video about this though
  2. Ive been thinking of this for a while glad someone brought it up I have a few. Explosive Launch - Have a rocket explode upon launch To the Skies - Get into space Metal Birds - Take off with your first plane Going around Kerbin in 8 hours - Get into a orbit above Kerbin One Small Fall for a Kerbal, One Bug Leap for Kerbalkind - Land on the Mun Back in One Piece - Land an SSTO in one piece Feiry Return - Land on Kerbin from space Minty Heaven - Visit Minmus and back Miner - deploy a mining drill Mad Sientist - make fuel from ore Green Energy - use solar panels to recharge 10,000 units of electricity Red Sand - Land on Duna Hike Ike - land on ike with a rover and drive 10 km Master Communicator - Have 10 satellites obit kerbin with connectivity all green Litterer - Have 100 pieces of space debris over Kerbin It Connects! - Dock two ships together Flaming Kerbal - have a kerbal exposed to a lot of heat (kelvin parameters idk) We've come Sister - Visit the planet sister of Eve Madness - Leave Eve and return to Kerbin The Glorified Astroid - Visit Gilly A Deep Hole - go to the bottom of the Mohole The Ace of the Skies - With Jebidiah Kerman fly under the R&D bridge Safe than Sorry - Quicksave for the first time Time Traveler - Load a Quicksave To the Abyss - Leave the Kerbol System Orbital Confusion - Orbit Rask and Ruck successfully once BIGGER BOOSTERS - Use a interstellar engine God of Boosters - Use a torch engine Wanderflugzeug - Visit every planet in the Kerbol system with an SSTO The Grand Tour - Visit every planet in the Kerbol system The Grand Tour Continued - visit every planet known to Kerbol kind How Long Has That Been On? - Set and complete a maneuver that takes over 3 years TOO FAST - Reach 1 Million m/s Uh Oh - Get stranded on a exoplanet
  3. Who knows though, I've heard the game developers have gotten more efficient with graphics and processing power. But on the more realistic side, my PC is probably gonna catch on fire.
  4. After reading this I wonder how science mode will turn out. The fact that there will be more parts and the effort of scientific realism makes me wonder if the tech tree will be revamped and remade. In the first game you can instantly research parts, but I wonder if KPS2 will change that. Like certain parts will take a certain amount of days based of their technologies. If so, will there be research boosts to parts that we have researched that are farther down on a path then another? Now that I type this this seems it would also effect Career mode or the new adventure mode. Will there be almost like a focus tree that correlates with the science tree? The focus tree would give boots to research certain items. This games sounds amazing. After hearing the news of a sequel for the first time I was expecting this much in-depth revamps and improvements. This sounds like an amazing game once it releases. I can't wait to see what has been improved. I look forward to the dev diaries, the feature videos, the release, and future updates of KSP2!
  5. I have a feeling that this game was more than I thought it was going to be. Great job of going beyond expectations! i now worry my computer might die due to this game lol
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