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  1. Get off my skyscraper! - Office Building Guy
  2. I haven't thought of this. Malum is now supposed to have 2 moons. A big one you see in the promo (not from KSP) and a small one shich is too small to see. But a tidally locked MAlum would have to be close to the SUn (or Kerbol). I will think of this.
  4. Yes! We found an exo moon! Maybe the KSP2 team could use this inspiration to make a young star system.
  5. 33 bottles of beer on the wall, 33 bottles of beer, Take one down, pass it around, 32 bottles of beer on the wall
  6. Hello. And welcome to Lets Count. In this forum game just post a number one value higher than the previous post. However you cannot post more than one number per post. And please wait 5 to ten minutes before posting again. Thank you for playing and enjoy! Current Goal: 100,000 Exmaple: Post 1: 1 Post 2: 2 Now I will go first. 1 Let the game begin!
  7. I think it is possible then if you can access game files through COMPUTER CONECTED TO THE PS4.
  8. Awesome plane! I have only made SSTOs that can get to LKO and Minmus. Awesome plane! I can never figure out propellers. But the good thing is that i know how to land planes on mountains. Long story short. I always miss the KSC.
  9. A Duna PLane!? Ya. Im sure its possible if you have enough wingspan and thrust.
  10. "Treat you username well, and it will treat you back."

    - Dr. Kerbal

  11. I hope in game Malum can look like this. I made one. Enjoy!
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