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  1. Info-dump, here we go. I haven't left inspiRE and I intend to release it during the upcoming winter break. I have been extremely busy this semester and I haven't found much time or motivation for creative work. That being said, if you've seen my Paraterraforming mod post, I learned blender and 3D graphics over the summer because it was on my bucket list of skills that I wanted to learn. I'm still learning more things and I intend to add a large lunar expansion and chemical plant expansion shortly. While I was learning blender, though, I realized that I was missing a large part of the project that needed to be added. Transitions, computer graphics, and worldbuilding I had not addressed when writing the video script and shot lists. The film would be devoid of wonder and would be lacking clarity if I did not have those three things. So, I am using the skills I learned from building the Paraterraforming mod to do those things; I have some behind-the-scenes graphics attached to this post. I anticipate working with blender and AI in the future. There's a lot you can do with KSP to have worldbuilding, but other creative tools tell a better story. Nevertheless, KSP graphics have increased in quality since my last post; if you've seen Blackrack's EVE volumetric clouds and Parallax 2.0, you know what I'm talking about. I'm anticipating the release of the volumetric clouds and some other starship assets this winter, and I will get to work filming the KSP side of the project as soon as those are released. In the meantime, I'll be trying to pass all my finals and retain some brain cells so that I can teach yall some thermodynamics soon (I wasn't just going to make an entertaining film)! Thanks to Melodysheep for opening my third eye to computer graphics and music, my work is heavily inspired by them. projekt inspiRE 2022 Picture Album
  2. @blackrackIs the new volumetric system more GPU intensive or more CPU intensive? Right now with current EVE and a decked out RSS/RO save, I have 95% GPU usage and 40% CPU with a 1080ti and 3950x. The fog btw is incredible and I can't wait to see dust on Mars.
  3. Honestly, the volumetrics are presentable and realistic as they stand in the teaser images, and you've outdone yourself again @blackrack. When it comes time to it, how will the pipeline work for updating to KSRSS/RSS; if the devs are already communicating with you forget I asked this question. Again, congrats on your inspiring work and I hope you have a good day
  4. If you're talking about O"Neill Island I habitats, I don't think I'll be doing those. Cylindrical habitats to me seem like they would be more livable because of the centripetal acceleration remaining constant throughout the longitudinal axis (except maybe for the caps), and a sphere would have max acceleration in the midpoint and 0g at the caps.
  5. Should I add tether-based megastructures to the mod? They would be mostly just for visuals because rigging a launch loop is way over my expertise. Next update is going to include a massive (>1km^2) polypropylene/polyethylene/other byproducts plant for atmospheric bodies. There may be a variant for vacuum bodies (bring your own CO2), and I am heavily considering adding fusion fuel processing plants.
  6. @DocNappers does it allow for autocannon firing between multiple ships in orbit, a-la Children of a Dead Earth or the Expanse-style?
  7. Does this redux mod make orbital combat viable? It has been broken in BDA for a while, just wondering if that has been fixed recently or not.
  8. Most objects in the mod are Kerbal Konstructs statics. The trusses and O'Neill cylinders are parts.
  9. I'm going to change the MIT license to the GNU GPL 3.0, it seems like a better decision now that you pointed it out. I am working on making the page look presentable as I was on vacation when I posted the mod; I'm also working on 2 projects now (inspiRE and a HOPE VASIMR project) so I'll get around to it this week. Good to see you around, @linuxgurugamer
  10. I am considering a very large expansion to the mod, adding Stanford tori, maybe some cloud cities, Loftstrom Loops, and Orbital Chainsaws. I may change the license, but I want people to change my stuff and privately use it if they want. "Let the kids have the music," really, as long as I'm credited and no other clones of Paraterraforming show up on Github or Spacedock.
  11. So the issue is colliders on an accelerating object are awful and even KSP mechazilla's have a problem with colliders. Even if I put more than one, or make the collider very large, you will still not be able to not glitch out. There is a caveat, though. I remember a mod called StanfordTorus or something similar, and it had a mass accelerator which was functional and was possibly an engine with a non-damaging plume. Since I'm trying to make a constant acceleration mass driver, I have no clue if moving an internal engine in a static is even possible. So for now they're mostly visually cool.
  12. Paraterraforming mod is now public on Spacedock and GitHub!!! I'm working on the project still and release is slated for this summer! (I lied , will likely be winter break 2022) https://spacedock.info/mod/3066/Paraterraforming
  13. Paraterraforming Mod This mod adds various paraterraforming parts, chemical reactors, and cool trusses for solar system exploration. Release Links: Primary: https://spacedock.info/mod/3066/Paraterraforming Secondary: https://github.com/InfoTheGamer/Paraterraforming Parts/Statics included: Statics: Chemical Reactors: Hydrogenation Cracking Polymerization/FT Hydration/RWGS Sabatier Electroreduction Chemical parts: Low-g distillation towers Cryogenic sphere (30m) Extremely Large Pipeline w/ straight, curve, angle variations Ground Pipeline w/ straight, curve, angle variations Geodesic Domes: 200m dome Regolith dome (750m) SpaceX - style domes (500m, 750m w/ variations) 1km dome Advanced Parts: O'Neill Cylinders Ohio-Class (Borman Station), 200m x 500m Manara-Class, 6km x 55km Belt-Class, 5km x 56km Lunar Power Plant 1km mass driver 47km mass driver Regolith habs w/ variations Solar Panels: Singular 3x5 Array, 48 kW at Earth distance Parts: Truss Parts: Star Truss (from CxP) COADE trusses: Single, double; with red/grey variants Octahedral trusses: 50m, 100m, 25m Decahedral truss, 40m: Red, grey variants Image Album (WIP): coming soon Changelog: v0.2: First official release! Fixed Star Truss Added scaling to all truss parts Added: hydrogenation, polymerization, electroreduction, Sabatier reactors Added another pipeline set Added regolith cylinder habs Added functionality to 47km Lunar railgun v0.1: First repo! This should only be for alpha testers; as such, there WILL be bugs and you SHOULD tell me about them. Watch the trailer here: This page still is a WIP, enjoy the mod.
  14. I have released a pre-alpha testing version of the ParaTerraforming mod on github, come be a tester and get early access now! https://github.com/InfoTheGamer/ParaTerraforming
  15. I am still working on this project, and I hope to release it this summer in video form. Right now, I'm making a variety of chemical plants, including but not limited to CO2 extraction, methanol reactors, polyethylene and other polymerization reactors, electrolyzers, and Sabatier reactors. These plants are necessary to produce more complex plastics and other materials that are necessary for a self-sustaining off-Terra colony. When I'm done, these and other special things will be released in my Paraterraforming Mod on Spacedock and Github. I'm super hyped for this project and it's been cooking in the oven for over a year. Please be patient and expect a KSP video that does not compromise on realism or visual quality.
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