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  1. I got it! KSP Support gave me the DLC. I found proof of purchase.
  2. I don't know what reason to put in my steam Ticket. I'm bot having in-game troubles with the DLC, it's just that i have no DLC at all. ugh this is all so unintuitive I have checked, and i indeed did not purchase the DLC from Steam, but from a now unknown third party site (probably G2A) Steam has no recollection of me even activating the code on my account at all. I think it was lost when i uninstalled and then reinstalled the entire game. Something messed up and i don;t have access to it anymore.
  3. I think i bought it from a third party site but i'm not sure. Anyway, i know for a fact that it WAS on my steam account and is now not. I will contact Steam again with this new info and see if they can work it out now.
  4. Yes. I still have the Breaking ground right there in my steam account and on the KSP page. Making History, though, is completely gone! Can there be any way i can get it back?
  5. I purchased the Making history DLC and used the code to add it to my Steam account. After putting the game down for a while, I re=downloaded it and suddenly my entire DLC was completely gone from my steam account. Is there any way i can get this fixed, or get a new code for my DLC? I might be able to dig up the proof of purchase, and if i do, will either Steam, Squad or Blitworks be able to help?
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