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  1. Was playing around with Saturn Multibody and noticed, that we have widebody H03 fairing, but there's no widebody SLA-type adapter, that was in ETS Artemis programm. Could we possibly get it?
  2. Thank you. yes, it's 9m stretched S-IC, that also using 6 F-1As instead of 5, because in other case it just couldn't make it to orbit. With this setup 40t payload in JNSQ in cargo bay and normal orbit insertion.
  3. Going nuclear. S-IVN with NERVA Full Flow on Saturn Multibody H03 delivering 11 tonn orbiter+lander to Duna orbit. I absolutly love those new NERVA variants, been waiting for them since first NERVA II images! Forgot to mention, new F-1 fireball and plume waterfall effects absolutly amaizing!
  4. Awesom report! Really like the carrier ship design with wings on back! One question - does the space shuttle heatshield made of conformal decals black flags?
  5. Also, i saw white texture for Apollo SM in block 2 version, i wonder, maybe we could get this white texture or something more modern-like for block 3 SM? It would be awesom with modern texture of Apollo command module and advanced heat shield
  6. The Big Boi is here Idk why but I'm finding Big G is so cute-looking lol. Also this is an ideal emergency escape vehicle for Skylab, i think after expansion it would be docked permanently with station
  7. As I remember they've planned to use Nova for direct landing, not Saturn-V. btw nice looking lander! Maybe using NFLV 7.5m tanks and lower stage enging mount you could build a Nova and then complete the direct Moon landing with escape burn
  8. Is this for one of the IPP concept with Mars manned mission using NERVAs? Also, we have NERVA, what about Nuclear Shuttle parts?
  9. Ah yes, my bad, this is kerbalism stuff, not KA Wow, this reminds me of some early shuttle concepts, especially the Saturn-Shuttle. Btw, where from those parts?
  10. Interesting. What about compability with KA? And if System Heat would be a dependency, would there be some kind of BDB-provided radiators or other cooling parts then?
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