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    KSP (obviously), pretty much anything to do with space, SPACE, Sci-fi, And did I mention space? I also like to (although i'm not very good at it) model with blender.

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  1. Ok, I just removed those three things, wish me luck. I also installed a later version of KSP-AVC. I don't actually recall installing KSP-AVC, so uh... yeah
  2. KSP: 1.12.3 Windows 64-bit Problem: Kopernicus won't load any planet packs Mods Installed: Kopernicus v2:release-1.12.1-70 ModularFlightIntegrator v1.2.10.0 ModuleManager v4.2.1 Reproduction Steps: Install any planet pack using CKAN Start KSP Wait for Kopernicus error to show up Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A0MXnkOcRqOkkWqv3FJaYwpYhhDtTiFM/view?usp=sharing
  3. Do you know of a good free one? I don't really wanna spend money on something I'll only use once Edit: I've decided I'll just use google drive
  4. Hi, I just installed KSRSS and all the dependencies and stuff, and I used Sigma Dimensions for 2.5x rescale, but there was a bug on startup! I can't upload the KSP.log and Logs/Kopernicus file, and I couldn't find the ModuleManager.ConfigCache file in my KSP directory.
  5. Thinking about naming them after greek gods and heroes, just like I name my rockets, although I may mix it up a bit with some Kerbalized names, like maybe Kermes, or something like that
  6. I would assume so, considering they are doing a show and tell on it.
  7. Awesome! Will there be a competitive version of the adventure mode? Or will there only be a co-op mode? Or, will there be a space race mode, where you can select a goal, and try to get there before anyone else?
  8. I would assume so, considering there is supposed to be multiplayer. Maybe there will be a competitive version of the new adventure mode.
  9. Maybe they could replace it with a star theory headstone. Like a memorial or something.
  10. I agree. And also they should be a bit harder to find than the giant obvious squad obelisk in ksp 1.
  11. I was wondering whether or not anyone has an estimate for KSP 2 recommended specs for 1080p? I tried looking it up but I got many varied answers, from really low system requirements, up to entry level. Does anyone know?
  12. I definitely agree. They should take their time in releasing the game, because although it will make us wait longer, it will also let us have a game with less bugs. We don't want a repeat of cyberpunk 2077 now do we?
  13. I don't personally own a mac, but I was just wondering if KSP 2 will be coming to Mac?
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