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  1. Because I was not so patient, LQD-2 Crashed upon landing. The mission plan was to land on Gilly. After getting into orbit a sub-optimal orbit it was deorbited. It underwent rapid unscheduled ground-based compression and the pilot is currently deemed missing in action. No rewards were claimed from this mission.
  2. This is the flight of LQD-1, Upgrade. This craft reached orbit. Here are the events that happened during re-entry and landing. Flight recovered at 1 hour and 14 minutes into the race. The LQD-2 was launched shortly after the LQD-1 got into orbit, I'll be deorbiting the LQD-2 soon.
  3. Here's my summary of my 2nd flight, the BCR-2 "Sounding Rod". I always pack plenty of experiments so I can scrape off as much science as I can. Now here's the science and how it was used. It is now 15 minutes into the science playthrough.
  4. Here's my first flight. My spacecraft, the BCR-1 "Connection", takes off. This was uninteresting as most first flights are, so here are the results. Before and after spending the science. That concludes this pretty uneventful flight that kickstarts our tech tree.
  5. I usually come up with a technical name, like MLV-1 (manned launch vehicle 1) then give it a name that I think fits it after, like "Focus" if it's going to be something that is the focus of a series of missions or plans. MLV-1 "Focus"
  6. Our first manned flight, the "Hemisphere" sits on the launchpad, waiting for liftoff. It doesn't have to wait for long before clearance is given. The initial turn is uneventful, save for the side tank detachment. After getting quite high up, we can get a nice view of the plume expanding. After detachment of the lower stage, the engine camera boots up. Jebediah Kerman is ecstatic about this situation and peers out the window. He's already in orbit, so he might as well perform an E.V.A. After a good few orbits, Jebediah receives an order to come
  7. I know Mechjeb is banned, you need KSP Interstellar Extended and Japris Stellar Neighborhood. The details should be on the OP.
  8. I would like to marvel at the systems and all the planets, then continue to explore precisely 4 of them.
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