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  1. Since I'm awfully inactive, I'd rather post my art here than make my own topic. I hope you don't mind! This down here is my most recent drawing, and I'm especially proud of it. This one's a little less recent and doesn't have as much effort put in, but I like it almost as much. Now for a more spaceflight oriented one. This one's the least recent of all, but I think it's holding up well.
  2. New PFP, hot off the press.

  3. Denied. @Misguided Kerbal is probably going to find their way here though.
  4. If anyone is curious and hasn't yet found out why at a certain point burning retrograde doesn't push you any further back and seems stuck, it's because the retrograde direction moves to the opposite of where it was before, causing it to get stuck. If you want to be able to push farther, you'll have to make a new node right after that goes prograde or just handle the burn yourself without mission planning. Please correct me if I'm wrong or missing anything.
  5. I don't think I have the time, or passion, to continue racing. Anyways, since your save was corrupted this is yet another reason to stop.
  6. Because I was not so patient, LQD-2 Crashed upon landing. The mission plan was to land on Gilly. After getting into orbit a sub-optimal orbit it was deorbited. It underwent rapid unscheduled ground-based compression and the pilot is currently deemed missing in action. No rewards were claimed from this mission.
  7. This is the flight of LQD-1, Upgrade. This craft reached orbit. Here are the events that happened during re-entry and landing. Flight recovered at 1 hour and 14 minutes into the race. The LQD-2 was launched shortly after the LQD-1 got into orbit, I'll be deorbiting the LQD-2 soon.
  8. Here's my summary of my 2nd flight, the BCR-2 "Sounding Rod". I always pack plenty of experiments so I can scrape off as much science as I can. Now here's the science and how it was used. It is now 15 minutes into the science playthrough.
  9. Here's my first flight. My spacecraft, the BCR-1 "Connection", takes off. This was uninteresting as most first flights are, so here are the results. Before and after spending the science. That concludes this pretty uneventful flight that kickstarts our tech tree.
  10. I usually come up with a technical name, like MLV-1 (manned launch vehicle 1) then give it a name that I think fits it after, like "Focus" if it's going to be something that is the focus of a series of missions or plans. MLV-1 "Focus"
  11. Our first manned flight, the "Hemisphere" sits on the launchpad, waiting for liftoff. It doesn't have to wait for long before clearance is given. The initial turn is uneventful, save for the side tank detachment. After getting quite high up, we can get a nice view of the plume expanding. After detachment of the lower stage, the engine camera boots up. Jebediah Kerman is ecstatic about this situation and peers out the window. He's already in orbit, so he might as well perform an E.V.A. After a good few orbits, Jebediah receives an order to come back down onto Kerbin. He doesn't like the idea, but after some promised snacks & spaceplane rides he finally agrees. Jeb hops back into the command pod, holstering the throttle. The optimal time to burn retrograde is coming soon, and he doesn't know if he'll bake when re-entering. After executing the burn, mission control tells him to point forwards until told otherwise. Jeb was a bit skeptical of this, but he didn't want to miss out on testing a prototype spaceplane. Flames begin to lick the sides of the spacecraft. Jeb is nervous, but he can't tell much of a difference in temperature yet. Mission control notifies him that the reason they want him to point forwards is so that Jeb could land somewhere near the KSC for easy recovery. They would direct him to detach from the upper stage when he is close to the peninsula the KSC is located on. Jeb is really feeling the heat now. He soars through the atmosphere like an ungraceful meteorite. Jeb's getting closer and closer to the KSC, waiting for when mission control would direct him to detach. One of the side fuel tanks bursts from the heat, and Jeb struggles to resist pressing the big red ABORT button. The craft tumbles around due to the shifted center of mass. Mission control finally directs him to detach, and he does so without hesitating, as he knows he can't stay without that heat shield for long. The upper stage flies past Jeb, melting apart. He doesn't know how mission control could manage to cut it that close. As Jeb zooms past the mountain range near the KSC, he realizes that he's going to splash down in the ocean at this speed. A welcome surprise, he thought. He did need to cool off, after all this plasma surrounding him. He slows down in the lower atmosphere, and watches the clouds pass him and his command pod by. Jeb thinks about how this flight could have ended in his demise, but his negative thoughts were interrupted by a whoosh above him. The parachute must have deployed. He tried to continue thinking about the negative implications this mission could have had on him, but he was again interrupted by the splash of his command pod. Even the universe seemed to disagree with his negativity. He decided that from then on, at least for a little while, he'd try to look on the bright side of things. This stuck with him for much longer than he expected, giving him the courageous spirit we know as, well, Jeb. Thank you for sticking around, and I've noticed that it's much easier to write when you have a kerbal in command.
  12. I know Mechjeb is banned, you need KSP Interstellar Extended and Japris Stellar Neighborhood. The details should be on the OP.
  13. I would like to marvel at the systems and all the planets, then continue to explore precisely 4 of them.
  14. I'm going to attempt to try to get set up. I have my flag and stuff set up, I just need to get the mods in.
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