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  1. Wow this is one old thread, DeadJohn unfortunately I never fixed this issue as I moved to JNSQ.
  2. It's a little ugly but I've managed to make a "sail" boat using this mods turbines and the BG props https://kerbalx.com/awesomesauce/sail-boat link to the craft download
  3. So Parrallax 2 came out a bit ago, I assume this mod is going to be set back a bit.
  4. I'm not the best at coding but I could use a non adjustable windmill for powering a BG electric prop.
  5. Would it be theoretically possible to take the wind plugin and make a sailing mod? This is a bit far fetched but would it be possible?
  6. Tomf is correct about how to interpret my question, lets say with the power of a planet made of an alloy of handwavium and unobtainium it can spin faster than the orbit velocity required to orbit it. How would you land on it?
  7. If one was to build a road that leads all the way up to the altitude of a geostationary orbit, drive up it and jump off would you be in orbit or not?
  8. Just wondering what people's favourite songs to listen to while playing this game are.
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