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  1. how to you pick specific parts to add? or in my case i do not want to change the colors of my parachutes and i want to keep the current science jr. so i do not to change any of them but everything else in the pack i am good with it.
  2. i managed to get a good trip to minmus and back. something about having fuel lines on the upper stage. which makes no sense i followed Scott Manely and Matt Lowne,s instructions and started it at the fuel tank i wanted to drain from and ended at the tank i wanted to flow to. but once i removed that fuel line it worked fine. now i go to minmus, do all the fun stuff plant the flag and what not, make a nice safe return to kerbin. save the game. shut the computer down to go play a round of golf. i get back 6 hrs later, fire the game up, load the same aircraft that just 6 hrs earlier flew to minmus and back with no issues. made no changes (no need to it flew perfectly last time) go to launch and for whatever reason at 6000 ft mechjeb cuts the throttles on the ascent stage,. so i am back to worse than square one. cause square one it least got to orbit before mechjeb decided to excrements the bed. now i barley get 6000 ft of the ground and mechjeb is like "screw it. let them crash". have to work the next 4 days but on my next day off i am going to do Brigadier's advise and upload my simple build here for the pro's to look it over,. 12/5 update: after work i did some tests and itis 100% a mechjeb issue. a friend suggested i delete mechjeb and reinstall. i guess now you have to go thru this overwolf bs site now to install mechjeb and make it work. so i did that and it worked fine and dandy. however i have noticed every single time i close the game. when i restart mechjeb i had the exact same issues of mechjeb cutting my thrusters at 6000 ft. what i found out is (at least for me) i have to uninstall mechjeb and then reinstall it every single time i load the game and to top it off you have to lunch the game via overwolf. not sure why the creators of mechjeb decided to go thru this overwolf bullcrap site but it has made using mechjeb harder than it should. then again the developers of mechjeb prolly decide people need to learn to fly the spaceship themselves and stop using mechjeb. so they make it as difficult as possible to use mechjeb now. it is working. after watching scott and matt's videos i managed to get to the mun and back.
  3. just did a test with different engines like the terrier and it is the same issue. fine when the landing craft is all by it's lonesome but when mounted on top off the ascent stage once it is time for those engines to burn they just puff like they are at the end of the burn. when i shut off mechjeb the engines run fine. so it is definitely a mechjeb issue
  4. Gargamel, you evil man. lol. seriously though i do appreciate it. i was not sure where to put my question. this thread seemed a little long. so i was not sure if i should start a new one or not.
  5. I have noticed that out of the blue mechjeb does not seem to be able to use the dart engine in certain spots. i did test to try and solve the issues myself. the test i did is i had my lander separate from the ascent stage. mechjeb ran the dart engines juts fine not issues. so i attach to the launch stage and everything goes fine. but instead of burning the dart engines flat out mechjeb does what looks like juts puffing them. as if hitting shift and then a millisecond later x so it puffs. with a 3 minute burn to do puffing it will take 30 minutes at this rate. 2 days ago there where now issues now it juts started. if i knew i how to load my rocket build i would post both of them so you could see it runs fine on its own but when you put it with the rest of the rocket it craps the bed. with the new update mechjeb is really not doing the best so i am slowly trying to wein myself off mechjeb. but i am on the older side and my reflexes are not the best so having mechjeb run the engines would be so great.
  6. a noob to KSP and would not even be able to play without mechjebs help so i really like this mod. had no problems with mechjeb yesterday (9/17) but today i am having several minor issues. landing guidance keeps crashing. latest example i was targeting lesser flats on minmus circularized at 15km and mechjeb had me flat engines 1st into the side of a mountain. the other issue is it seems to fly over the target then wastes gas by flipping a u-turn to try and come back to the target instead of looping the planet it again. in the scenario above it did that right before sending me headlong into a mountain at 2100m/s. OUCH. the other issue i am having (more of a question) is it seems to miss minumus more than it catches it. sometimes i select minmus as target, do the Hoffman transfer and i get it. other times i do the exact same steps and miss it wildly. so i am not sure if i need to tell mechjeb to match planes 1st then transfer or if mechjeb does it itself during the transfer burn.
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